Address of the Rector of Lutsk NTU to the Day of Heavenly Hundred Heroes

Address  of  the  Rector of Lutsk NTU to the Day of  Heavenly Hundred Heroes

The Revolution of Dignity and the Russian-Ukrainian War have become a turning point in history  of  our country. The Ukrainian nation showed impressive courage, invincibility in the struggle for freedom and independence of their native land, patriotism and braveness. Our defenders, for the sake of their own lives and health, are protecting  the integrity of the country and  peace  making it possible  for   us and our children to see a free  and peaceful blue sky.

February 20 - on the Day of Heavenly Hundred  Heroes, I call on  my compatriots to honor the memory of the fallen Heroes, because they have fulfilled their duty to the people and the state at  the price of their lives. I am convinced that it is thanks to the courage of our sons and daughters that we have our own country, army, history and dignity.

We remember, appreciate and bow down low ...

Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk