Greetings on Christmas

Dear Believers!

Each year, all Catholics of the world celebrate Christmas on December 25. On this day, people  ask   the Lord for blessings. Christmas is a time of good words, family meetings, gifts, festive mood. The feast comes into the home of every family, the heart and soul of each person and gives all the warming light, a ray of love, goodness and peace. This day is the most light and solemn, it unites families and fills the hearts with faith and love. I have the great honor of congratulating the Christians of the Western rite on the Birth of Jesus Christ. I sincerely wish You good health, well-being for You and Your families, the welfare of peace and harmony, love and goodness. Let Your life path be full of  joy and happiness, and the home  be  always full of sincere smiles of the dearest and nearest.  

Sincerely, Petro  Savchuk