International Scientific and Practical Conference "Global Challenges of Modern Issues" invites you to take part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Global Challenges of Modern Issues", to be held on 09/28/2018 in Paris, France.

Form of participation in the conference: correspondence (distance)

Working languages ​​of the conference: English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Bulgarian, German, French

The collection of scientific articles will  get an ISBN with the original data of the French publishing house

Compulsory copies of the collection will be  sent to the Bibliothèque nationale de France

The collection will be hosted in international citation databases: RSCI and translated for review in the Conference Proceedings Citation Index - Social Sciences & Humanities (CPCI-SSH)

The collection of articles (PDF-version) will be available on the site: and eLIBRARY.RU

Thematic directions of the conference:

Section_01. Economics and management of the national economy.

Section_02. International Economics.

Section_03. Economics and Enterprise Management.

Section_04. Development of productive forces and regional economy.

Section_05. Money, finance and credit.

Section_06. Accounting, analysis and audit.

Section_07. Taxation and budget system.

Section_08. Economic security of economic entities.

Section_09. Mathematical Methods in Economics.

Section_10. Public administration, self-government and public service.

Section_11. Law.

Section_12. Economy of tourism.

Section_13. Management.

Section_14. Marketing.

Section _15 Psychology, pedagogy, education, philosophy and philology.

Section_16. Sociology and political science.

Date of the conference: 28.09.2018

Deadline for submission of materials: 27.09.2018 (inclusive)

Exit collection (PDF version): 10/15/2018

For more information visit:

Organizing committee of the conference