Scientists of Lutsk NTU are invited to participate in the conference "Economic and Legal Discussions"

Scientists of Lutsk NTU are invited to participate in the conference "Economic and Legal Discussions"

The Center for Scientific Research "Solution" (Kyiv, Ukraine) and the Publishing House Skleněný Můstek (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) invite scientists from  Lutsk NTU to take part in the 1st International Scientific and Practical Conference "Economic and Legal Discussions". The event will take place on February 8, 2019 in a distance form.

Students, graduate students, postgraduate students, University teachers and other representatives of educational institutions who wish to express their views on current problems in economics and jurisprudence  are invited to participate in the conference. According to the results of the conference a collection of scientific works "ADVANCED OF SCIENCE" (Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic) will be created. ISBN 978-80-7534-078-8.

The work of the conference will take place in the following areas:


Economic direction

         Section 1. Economics, organization and management of enterprises, industries, complexes;

Section 2. Management;

Section 3. Marketing;

Section 4. Accounting, analysis and audit;

Section 5. Mathematical methods, models and information technologies in economics;

Section 6. Banking. Money, finance and credit;

Section 7. Tax system. Budget system;

Section 8. Development of productive forces and regional economy;

Section 9. Logistics and transport;

Section 10. World Economy and International Economic Relations.


Legal direction:

Section 1. Theory and History of State and Law. Philosophy of Law. History of political and legal doctrines;

Section 2. Constitutional Law. Constitutional procedural law. International law;

Section 3. Civil and family law. Civil procedural law. Commercial law. Housing law. Law of Obligations. International private law. Labor law and social security law;

Section 4. Criminal Law. Criminal procedural law. Criminalistics. Criminology. Criminal enforcement law. Judiciary Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and lawyers;

Section 5. Administrative Law. Administrative procedural law. Customs and tax law. Municipal Law;

Section 6. Environmental law. Land law. Agrarian law;

Section 7. Commercial law. Economic procedural law. Finance law. Banking Law;

Section 8. Intellectual Property and its Protection. Information Law.


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