Ph.D. (Engineering), Associate Professor
Rostyslav Redko
+38 (0332) 76-73-94
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         Computer Sciences  and Information Technologies  Faculty


Modern society needs highly educated specialists who can use new means of information technologies in the practical activity both in the process of providing educational services  and  in the scientific and industrial spheres. Special requirements  are set for the graduates of computer specialities, who will be a solid basis of the domestic IT industry in the future . The big  number of scholars and state leaders believe that it is their competence that will  influence the welfare and economic power of the nation.

According to the experts who conducted an independent macroeconomic survey commissioned by the IT Business Committee of the European Business Association, the export-oriented IT industry for the period 2016-2020 may double by all indicators and generate up to 27.2 billion hryvnias revenues to the state budget.

The development of information technologies  in  Lutsk NTU began in 1993 with the opening of the training direction "Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies".

In 1998, the newly created department "Automated management of production processes" continued the work in this direction  under the supervision of Associate Professor   V.  Lotysh

The requirements of the labor market in  Volyn oblast necessitate a higher specialization of graduates in the field of software for computing and automated systems, that is, in the field of creation and use of modern information technologies.

At present, the Faculty  trains specialists in five specialities:

• 015 - 'Vocational Education' (Computer Technologies);

• 121 - 'Software Engineering';

• 122 - 'Computer Sciences and Information Technologies';

• 123 - 'Computer Engineering';

• 125 - 'Cyber Security'.

  There are 8 specialized laboratories equipped with modern computers and multimedia support, data transmission systems and other specialized devices and visual aids at the Faculty.

As of 01.09.2016, 841 students study at the faculty, 136 of them (16.2%) are contracted:

- full-time study - 706 students,  70  of them (10%) are contracted;

- correspondence course - 135 students,  66 of them  (49%) are contracted.

           The high professional level of the faculty's   staff  allows   to prepare highly skilled IT specialists who are competent in the development and use of new information technologies, designing automated enterprise management systems, creating application software products, developing web-oriented information systems, etc. Graduates of the faculty study the theoretical and practical foundations of the creation and use of automated information processing and control systems based on high-speed computing networks and systems.

          Faculty staff constantly develops new software and methodological support for each discipline, which promotes the rapid implementation of the latest knowledge in the educational process. The scientists of the       

faculty cooperate with leading Ukrainian and foreign partners in the relevant departments' specialities.

          Implementation  of any projects  on information technologies  is possible only in the presence of highly skilled specialists. Computer Sciences  and Information Technologies  Faculty focuses on the comprehensive training of students in the field of modern and advanced computing facilities and their use. These areas make the core of the specialists that form the basis for the introduction of computer technology and information technology for enterprises and educational institutions  of  Volyn region. In order to ensure the professional training of future IT specialists, the faculty members widely encourage  students  of computer specialities to participate  in international competitions and contests (All-Ukrainian Olympiad in Robotics, International Olympiad in Sport Programming, International IT Olympiad "IT-Universe "," System z / Master "Company competition," IT-Planet "international competition, etc.).   

The faculty includes departments: