Department of Accounting and Taxation

Head of the Department of Accounting and Taxation,

PhD in Economics, Associate  Professor

Vitalii  Chudovets 

Tel: (0332) 78-99-52


Speciality 071 - Accounting and Taxation

About speciality. Today, knowledge of accounting and business taxation has become, as ever, one of the most sought after. Accounting and taxation - a unique specialty, which is associated with the creation and management of information about the activities of the company. Demand for these specialists is always stable and significant, because they are needed at any enterprise – in local and international, small and big companies, banking institutions.

The best representatives of this profession are considered to be top in the hierarchy of leadership of any enterprise, organization, or firm. Calm, balanced, and ambitious, aspiring to personality changes people can work by this profession. Its Constant peculiarity is a constant career growth. Most qualified accounting and tax professionals become auditors, forensic accountants; they open their own businesses or make a career in existing well-known auditing companies.

Basic Disciplines for a Bachelor Degree

  • Communication processes in teaching students specialty Accounting and Auditing
  • Theory of Accounting
  • Accounting
  • Foreign Language for specific purpose
  • Information systems and technology in accounting and audit
  • Automated workplaces accountant
  • Financial Accounting І
  • Accounting in budgetary institutions
  • Management accounting І
  • Control and revision
  • Regulatory support accounting and auditing
  • Labor Economics and Labor Relations
  • Financial Accounting ІІ
  • Management accounting
  • Organization, accounting and taxation of wages
  • Accounting for small businesses
  • Theory of Economic Analysis
  • Accounting for Banks
  • Business analysis
  • Statements
  • Accounting and reporting in taxation
  • Audit
  • Accounting Forensic examination
  • Professional Ethics of Accountants and Auditors
  • The account in branches of economy


Acquired Competences

Knowledge and understanding:

  • basic provisions of modern economic theories and their impact on accounting theory;
  • primary registration, methods of making the financial, fiscal, statistical and specific reports for the enterprises, institutions and organizations;
  • methods of calculation and payment of different taxes;
  • types, forms and methods of accounting controls and assessment, validation of documents, information systems and technology in the area of the professional activity;
  • methods and techniques for business analysis;
  • foreign language at a minimum, an independent user.

Application of knowledge and skills:

  • to control of economic activity as a function of business management to ensure its effective operation, performance evaluation and plans implementation;
  • to substantiate of decision-making using accounting and analytical information and to understand organizational and economic mechanism of business management;
  • to generate and analyze financial, managerial, tax and statistical reports of the enterprises, institutions, organizations and to interpret the information for management decisions;
  • to develop and implement modern methods of accounting, analysis and audit;
  • to apply specialized information systems and computer technology for accounting, analysis, audit and taxation

Basic Disciplines for a Master Degree

  • Organization of Accounting
  • Strategic Management Accounting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Accounting Policies of the Enterprise
  • Administrative and Information Systems in Accounting, Analysis and Audit
  • Emerging Accounting Issues
  • Еconometric Analysis of the Enterprise Activity
  • Accounting & Audit Software
  • Audit Organization and Audit Techniques
  • Accounting and  IFRS Financial Reporting
  • Scientific Research Methodology
  • Psychology of Management and Conflict Resolution for Accountants
  • State Financial Control
  • Accounting and Analytical Support of Enterprise Economic Security

Acquired Competences

Knowledge and understanding:

  • the main modern economic theories and their impact on accounting and taxation;
  • methods of accounting, control and analysis of the company`s activity;
  • the procedure for preparing of financial, tax, statistical and special reports;
  • national and international accounting and auditing standards;
  • tax systems and tax optimization;
  • modern methods of mathematical modelling, information processing and operation of information systems.

Application of knowledge and skills:

  • accounting with the use of information systems and computer technologies;
  • filling in primary documents, accounting registers and reports;
  • the use of methods and techniques for the analysis of companies’ activity;
  • the use specific accounting methods for enterprise management in practice;
  • adherence to professional ethics and the application of accountant ‘s professional judgments;
  • application the optimal control techniques in the validation of accounting, and taxation accuracy of company’s activity.

Professorial Staff



PhD (Scientific area)

Scientific Research Areas of Interest



PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

The organization and methods of control in the system of institutional economics



PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

An estimation is in a record-keeping, evaluation activity,control in financial institutions

Golyachuk Natalia

PhD in Economics  (Economics, Organization and Management)

Information software companies, automation of accounting

Zelenko Sergii

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

financial accounting, accounting organization, accounting policies in the agricultural sector

Zhurakovska Iryna

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Accounting assurance for management of innovation and intellectual capital of enterprises

Reporting under the international financial reporting standards

Moskovchuk Alla

PhD in Economics (Economy, Organization and Management of Production)

Analytical support of making management decisions.

Nagirska Kateryna

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Management reporting agricultural enterprises

Nuzhna Oksana

PhD in Economics (economy of agriculture and agri-industrial complex (AIC))

Economy of agriculture and agri-industrial complex; capitalization of agriculture; fixed assets in agriculture

Pisarenko Tatiana

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Management accounting, strategic accounting, tax system, financial and tax reporting

Sadovska Iryna

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit), professor

Calculation theory, management accounting



PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Simplified taxation system and accounting; tax and reporting of agricultural enterprises; taxation of individuals; the relationship of accounting and reporting metrics.



PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Features Analysis of the production potential of the company

Тkachuk Iryna

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Topical issues of the theory and practice of accounting and control; prospects for the development of accounting education and profession.



PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Organization of accounting in agriculture; management accounting; accounting theory.

Chudovets Vitaliy

PhD in Economics (accounting, analysis and audit)

Problems accounting and control, the use of International Financial Reporting Standards



Assistant Lecturer of Accounting

Accounting in budget organizations