Department of Applied Mechanics

Head of the Department of Applied Mechanics

PhD in Technical Sciences, Assistant Professor 

Dmytro Somov


Tel: (0332) 26-25-19

Specialization - Technology of Mechanical Engineering  

LecturerScientific AreasEducational Disciplines
L. Samchuk

Utilization of dross of forging-stamping production

Obtaining porous ceramic materials based on powders of steel 18Х2Н4МА and saponite 

Quality Control of Products

Technological Methods to Produce Billets of Machine Parts

Certification of Industrial Products

T. BozhkoQuality assurance of surface layers in parts made of powder materials during grinding.

Processes and Tools for Metal Cutting

Technology of Standard Parts Processing and Machines Assembly

Accurate-Sized Design of Technological Processes

Technological methods for increasing machines and mechanisms service life

Acquired competences:

Knowledge and understanding:

  • basic knowledge of optimization methods in the calculation of the various components of the system;
  • basic knowledge of optimization methods in the calculation of the various components of the system;
  • basic knowledge of technological processes on machines and automatic lines;
  • basic knowledge of the technology of workpieces, tools and common parts of machines;
  • basic knowledge of the equipment, technological equipment and transport machining shops of the equipment, technological equipment and transport machining shops.
LecturerScientific AreasEducational Disciplines
N. Huliieva

1. Porous penetrating materials on the basis of titanium, titanium alloys with impurities of natural minerals

2. The newest technologies of cleaning of drinking, technological water, as well as sewage of large industrial enterprises

1. History and basics of engineering activities

2. Mechanotronics

3.Specialty mechanotronics

Acquired competences:

  • аnalyze the condition of the product and technological capabilities of its manufacture;
  • аnalyze techno-economic and environmental consequences of methods of processing materials and technological means to ensure appropriate quality indicators;
  • сonduct statistical quality assessment processes;
  • сhoose the main parameters of technological processes of products to provide them with the required quality indicators.

R. Polinkevych


1. Improvement of knots of metal-cutting machine tools in order to improve processing performance.

2. Hydrostatic bearings of spindle machine tools for high precision machining

1. Equipment and Iransport Machining Workshops

2. Technological Fundamentals of Machine-Building

3. Design and organization of units of modern machine-building production

Acquired competences:

  • the ability to use professional-profiled knowledge and practical skills in basic subjects while developing technological processes of manufacturing of machine parts traditional and automated methods;
  • аbility to apply knowledge and skills to solve qualitative and quantitative problems, ability to use the required computer software;
  • skills of written and oral presentation of scientific and practical material.

LecturerScientific AreasEducational Disciplines
T. Halchuk

1. Materials science, powder metallurgy, technology of materials and machines.

 2. Processing of shaving and slime metal processing waste.

3. Precision machining products in machine building

1.Technological Fundamentals of Machine-Building

2. Design and organization of units of modern machine-building production

N. Zubovetska


Loading ability and power descriptions of high-speed radial gas-hydraulic inertial bearings

1.Theory of cutting

2.Designing and manufacturing of metal cutting tools

O. Povstyanoi

1.The improvement of the production technology of porous penetrating materials with the utilization of industrial waste

2. Computation Materials Science

3. 3D simulation technology

1.Mathematical modeling

2.CAD/CAM/CAE technology

3.3D modeling technology in machine building

Acquired competences:

  • mastering of the basic methods of mathematical modeling of CAD, formalization of influences of different nature on the process of designing TP, dynamic characteristics and system analysis.
  • study of functional capabilities and characteristics of computing and peripheral equipment;
  • study of the acquisition of technical equipment in the CAD/CAM/CAE technology; mastering the foundations of mathematical approaches to the solution of various problems that arise when creating modern automated technological processes.

Scientific Areas

Educational Disciplines

H. Herasymchuk

1.Computer simulation and technology in mechanical engineering

2.Information and communication technologies as an instrument of public involvement in project management

3.Working out of working bodies of combined systems of cornicear machines

1.Project Management in Mechanical Engineering

2.Technological equipment

3.Modern methods of processing in mechanical engineering

Acquired competences:

studying and using existing automation tools in various industries; familiarity with numerical methods and algorithms for solving project problems; studying the structure of databases.

As a result of studying the discipline students should know:

  • modern means of automated designing;
  • existing approaches to the automation of design CAD-systems.

Lectures are held with the aim of forming a presentation of students and a systematic approach to the automation of technological processes.

As a result of studying the discipline students must be able to:

• use simple design and technological systems of automated design.


Scientific Areas

Educational Disciplines

D. Somov

Vibration module on high pressure casing for pressing powder materials

1. Software Development of Computer-integrated Technologies

2. Fundamentals of Packaging Production

3. Fundamentals of Productive Processes Automation

As a result of studying the discipline the student must know:

  • basic concepts of automation of production, classification and structure of production systems;
  • a role in the systems of automation of microcontrollers, sensors and executive mechanisms;
  • designation and classification of regulatory bodies and conveyors;

and be able to:

  • use the acquired knowledge to solve the main tasks of automation using microcontrollers, sensors and actuators.
LecturerScientific AreasEducational Disciplines

O. Zabolotnyi

1. New technologies of manufacturing high-effective powder and composite materials

2. Obtaining powder porous materials (filters, aerators, nozzles etc.) based on metal powders, ceramics, graphite, nets and other materials

1.Fundamentals of computer-aided design (CAD/CAM)

2.Automated research and testing systems

V. Sychuk

1. CNC machine tools and equipment.

2. Powder metallurgy.

3. Abrasive jet processing and equipment.

1.CAD in Technologies of Mechanical Engineering

2.Programming and Adjusting CNC Machinery

3.CAD of Cutting Tools, Equipment and Technological Processes

Acquired competences:

  • modern methods of computer designing;
  • existing approaches for developing computer design systems; 
  • features of functioning of technological equipment with CNC system;
  • methods of programming the parts processing on CNC machines;
  • the main aspects of adjustment of equipment with CNC system;
  • stages of information preparation for programming of parts processing on CNC machines;
  • features of the technological process of processing parts on CNC machines;
  • CAD software for cutting tools, technological processes, equipment.

Applying knowledge and skills:

  • to use engineering and technological CAD/CAM/CAE systems;
  • to develop G-code of processing for the main types of CNC machines;
  • to adjust CNC equipment for work in production lines;
  • technically competent, efficient and fully use of the capabilities of CNC machines.
  • to apply practically CAD software of technological processes, cutting tools and technological equipment;
  • to choose suitable equipment, cutting tool, sequence of parts processing when designing the process of processing the part.

Prospects for job placement

  • International holding "Modern-Expo"
  • Plant of PJSC "SKF Ukraine"
  • OJSC Lutsk Automobile Plant
  • Lutsk Repair Plant "Motor"
  • Engineering and design companies. 

Specialization: Metal Cutting Machines and Systems