Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies (ACIT)

Head of the Department of Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies,

PhD., Larysa Gumeniuk


Speciality 151 -  Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies

Employment of Bachelors


(classifier of professions DK 003-95)

Employment of Masters


(classifier of professions DK 003-95)

·    technical specialist in the field of automation;

·    technique of production processes automation;

·    technique in metrology, computer technician;

·    technician - programmer;

·    technician - operator of electronic equipment.


·     leader of production subsections in industry;

·     leader of research subsections and subsections from scientific and technical preparation of productions;

·     chief of experimental production laboratories;

·     professional in industry of automation and computer-integrated technologies;

·     research worker;

·     teacher of higher education establishment.


Professorial staff of the Department / Research Areas

Gumeniuk Larysa - Ph.D., Associate Professor / Modeling of reliability and safety of technological processes / ORCID:

Shabaikovych Viktor – D.Sc., Professor / Technological methods of ensuring the quality of products / ORCID:

Lotysh Volodymyr Ph.D., Associate Professor / Research and modeling of traffic flows in the historical zones of the old cities / ORCID:

Reshetylo Oleksandr – Ph.D., Associate Professor / Smart agriculture technology development / ORCID:

Satsyk Viktor Ph.D., Associate Professor / Monitoring of ecological situation of nature reserves / ORCID:

Humeniuk Pavlo Ph.D., Associate Professor / Modelling of vehicle control systems / ORCID:

Fedyk Lesia – Ph.D., Associate Professor / Automation in the food industry / ORCID:

Hrudetskii Roman – Senior Lecturer / Simulation of automatic control systems of processes / ORCID:

Smoliankin Oleh – Assistant / Development and programming of microprocessor systems / ORCID:

Markina Liudmyla – Assistant / Development of automatic control systems and robotics / ORCID:


Every year the Department holds the International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference of Young Scientists and Students 'Actual Problems of Automation and Management'.

The aim of the conference is to analyze and cover the latest scientific achievements in the field of "Automation and Control", to test the research results, to freely exchange opinions through the publication of relevant scientific materials.

Conference materials are published in pdf on the Internet site .

Main issues proposed for the conference discussion:

·         Automatic control in education, science and industry.

·         Simulation and optimization of control systems.

·         Training specialists in automation and information technology.

·         Automation in transport.

·         Automation in electronics and telecommunications.

·         Projects management.