Department of Business, Trade and Exchange Activities



Head of the Department of Business, Trade and Exchange Activities

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Full Professor

Liubov Kovalska 


tel./fax (0332) 74-61-36

 Research  areas  of the department 

Speciality 076 - 'Business, Trade and Exchange Activities', Field of study 07 - 'Management and Administration'

Specializations for a Bachelor Degree

  • Сommodity study and customs examination 
  • Commodity research and commercial activity
  • Trade

Specializations for a Master Degree

  • Сommodity study and customs examination 
  • Commodity research and commercial activity
  • Trade
  • Quality and safety of goods

There has been created an All-Ukrainian Society of Commodity Producers and Technologists at the Department.

Year of foundation: September 2016. 

President of the Volyn Chamber of Commerce and Industry is O. Smolych.

Goals of the society are promoting the dissemination of modern knowledge in commodity science and technology and protecting the legitimate interests of its members.

Research Laboratory for Commodity Research

Students work in a scientific group 'World of Commodity Research'. They are engaged in analytical and research work. Students report on commodity research issues, determine the organoleptic, physical and chemical indices of specific products, develop a scoring scale for assessing the quality of these products, and make a tasting score for their quality, fill in the tasting sheets and insist on the compliance of the studied indicators with the requirements of standards and technical regulations.

Students organise 'Quality Days' during which they demonstrate their own studies of consumer properties of goods, labeling, etc.

Prospective Job Placement of Graduates

The main objective of the Department is to provide the labor market with highly skilled and competitive specialists who would be able to implement themselves in educational and research institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the State Food and Consumer Protection Service, the State Fiscal Service, production and trade enterprises.

The fact that 90% of the 300full-time graduates highights the prestige of the specialty. Graduates work as university lecturers, business managers, leading specialists of state and private institutions and organizations, customs brokers, commodity researchers and experts.