Department of Civil Security



  Acting   Head of the Department of Environmental Studies,

PhD in  Agriculture Sciences, Associate Professor

Igor Androshchuk 


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Main  staff of the department


Igor Androshchuk

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Myhailo Lishchuk

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Victor Stasiuk

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Valentyna Fedorchuk-Moroz

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Mykola Rudynets

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Larysa Bondarchuk

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Myhailo Myhalchuk

Senior lab worker 

  Educational process

       The students study legislative and normative legal acts, methodical materials on occupational safety issues; production and organizational structure of the enterprise; main technological processes and production regimes; equipment of the enterprise and principles of its work; methods of studying work conditions at workplaces; organization of work on labor protection and industrial sanitation; a system of safety standards; psycho-physiological requirements for employees, based on the category of work severity, restrictions on the employment of women, adolescents, workers transferred to light work; rules and means of checking the conformity of the technical condition of the equipment to the requirements for safe conduct of work; advanced domestic and world experience in the field of occupational safety; methods and forms of propaganda and information on occupational safety; the procedure for investigation of accidents; the procedure and terms for reporting on the implementation of measures on occupational safety and industrial sanitation; bases of economy, organization of production and management; the basis of labor legislation; means of computer facilities, communications and communications on the speciality “Civil Security”.

        The educational process on the disciplines of the department is carried out in completed laboratories and offices. For the teaching and methodological support of the educational process with the active participation of the department, a number of training manuals were prepared and published, among which are "Fundamentals of Occupational Safety and Health (2011)", "Occupational Health and Safety Management (2012)", "Occupational Safety and Health (2012) "Safety of Work in Motor Transport (Construction, Repair, Maintenance of Highways) (2012)", "Fundamentals of General Hydrology (2013)", "Fundamentals of Science and Technology (2014)", "Safety of Life (tourist aspect)" (2014) " , "Atlas of  Touristic Trips Around   Ukraine (2014)".

The results of the department teachers are marked with a high level of scientific and educational-methodical training. A lot has been done to provide the educational process with professional literature, manuals, methodological recommendations, programs on courses and special courses as a normative and a variant component.


Scientific research work.

The direction of scientific research of the department is:

- "Organizational and technical bases for creation of safe conditions at work". The scope of research in this direction is characterized by the following main problems:

- study of working conditions, development of human rights protection measures against the negative factors of the technogenic environment, improvement of ecologically safe technologies for the treatment of groundwater from landfills and utilization of waste from urban areas;

- Organizational and technical bases of safe work in agroindustrial and forest complexes;

- Security in housing and communal services and tourism: technical, economic and labor protection aspects of their functioning and development.

The Department of Civil Security is the organizer of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Ensuring Industrial and Civil Security in Ukraine and the World"

The Department of Civil Security issues annually a collective monograph: - "Ensuring industrial and civil security in Ukraine and the world: management, technology, models".

One of the most important roles of the department's scientific work is work with students both during classroom training and during the course of practice.

        The results of the research are reported at international, all-Ukrainian and other scientific and technical conferences, as well as implemented in the educational process during the teaching of curriculum disciplines.

         According to the results of scientific researches with the participation of the teaching staff of the department in recent years, a lot of monographs have been published, among them: "Structural-geographical analysis and assessment of natural agro-resource potential of  Volyn region" (2010), "Investigation of the process of extracting target components from amaranth raw materials" (2011) Environment under the influence of landfills "(2013)," From the history of development of electronic television (BP Grabovsky) "(2013)," Rationalization of the processes of use and protection of tourist resources: diagnostics and mechanisms (2013), "Imbalances and determinants of socio-economic development of the country" (2013), "Scientific and methodological principles of management of the development of the economy of resort and recreation enterprises, markets, territories" (2014), "Sustainable development of the 21st century: management, technology, models. Discussions 2015: Collective Monograph "(2015)," Prospects for Tourism Development in Ukraine and the World: Governance, Technologies, Models: Collective Monograph "(2015)," Prospects for Tourism Development in Ukraine and the World: Management, Technologies, Models: Collective Monograph " (2016).


Benefits and opportunities for students and graduates


Graduates from the speciality "Civil Security (Labor Protection)" can work in enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of ownership, in educational institutions, in state supervision bodies for labor protection, in state authorities and local self-government:

 specialists in labor protection and civil security;

 technical experts on industrial safety;

 engineers in labor protection;

 engineers from technogenic and ecological safety;

 state inspectors on civil protection and technogenic safety;

 state inspectors for technogenic and environmental monitoring;

 the main state experts on working conditions;

 the main state experts on working conditions  in Ukraine;

 chiefs of services (sphere of labor protection and civil protection);

 chiefs of labor protection departments;

 chiefs of  civil security office.