Department of Construction and Civil Engineering


Head of the Department of Construction and Civil Engineering,

PhD, Associate Professor

Olha Uzhehova


Tel: (0332) 26-24-60

Section «Industrial and Civil Engineering» (ІСЕ)

  • UZHEHOVA Olha, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department of Construction and Civil Engineering
  • KYSLIUK Dmytro, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Section of Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • ZADOROZHNIKOVA Iryna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • PASICHNYK Ruslan, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • PAKHOLIUK Orest, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • ROTKO Svitlana, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SAMCHUK Volodymyr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • CHAPIUK Oleksandr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • UZHEHOV Serhii, Assistant
  • ZHEZHERUN Vasyl, Head of the Research Building Laboratory
  • SICHYOKNO Yevhen, senior laboratory assistant
  • HRYSHKOVA Alina, Engineer of the III category

Section «Urban engineering and services» (UES)

  • BOIARCHUK Bohdan, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Section of Urban engineering and services
  • BISKUB Petro, Associate Professor
  • VERESHKO Oleh, Assistant
  • DZIUBYNSKA Oksana, Assistant
  • ILCHUK Nataliia I., Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • MELNYK Yuliia, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • PARASIUK Bohdan, Assistant
  • PARFENTIEVA Inna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SYNII Serhii, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SMAL Mariia, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SUNAK Pavlo, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor
  • DROZD Ivan, senior laboratory assistant
  • SHAFRANSKA Oksana, laboratory assistant
Section «Highways and Airfields» (HA)
  • DROBYSHYNETS Serhii, Ph.D.,  Associate Professor, Head of Section of Roads and Airfields
  • ANDRIICHUK Oleksandr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • MALIKOV Volodymyr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • PANASIUK Yaroslav, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • TALAKH Liudmyla, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SHYMCHUK Oleksandr, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • PROTSIUK Vitalii, assistant
  • LOBANOK Hennadii, senior laboratory assistant
  • NAUMENKO Serhii, Engineer of the III category


  • research of the reliability of buildings and structures and modern methods of their erection;
  • theory and practice of urban planning;
  • garden and landscape construction;
  • research of steel fiber reinforced concrete structures;
  • strengthening of soil bases of highways;
  • traffic intersections on the main streets of Lutsk;
  • rigid road and road surfaces.

Speciality 19 - Architecture and Construction

(specialized programs «Industrial and Civil Engineering», «Urban engineering and services», «Highways and Airfields»)


  • Metrology and Standardization
  • Engineering Surveying (general course)
  • Structural Theory
  • Science of Construction Materials
  • Geological Engineering and Fundamentals of Soil Engineering
  • City Planning and Transport
  • Architecture of Buildings and Structures
  • Building Constructions
  • Construction Machinery
  • Construction Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Production Capacities of Construction
  • Construction Surveying Services
  • Management and Budgeting in Construction
  • Engineering Research
  • Footings and Foundations
  • Stone, Reinforced Masonry, Reinforced Concrete Structures
  • Metal Structures
  • Wood and Plastic Constructions
  • Engineering Structures
  • Assembly and Special Works
  • Planning and Construction Engineering Management
  • Maintenance of Urban Development
  • Park, Garden and Landscape Construction
  • Urban Municipal Services
  • Legislation in Urban Planning
  • Planning and Improvement of Cities
  • City Streets and Roads
  • Public Transport
  • Structures Engineering Preparation of Urban  Areas
  • Urban Science
  • Urban Planning Ecology
  • Valuation of Land and Property
  • History of Urban Planning
  • Organization of Traffic
  • Technical Operation of Buildings and Structures
  • Airfields
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Road and Building Constructions
  • Transport Solutions
  • Organization and Planning of Road Production
  • Road Machinery and Equipment
  • Construction and Reconstruction of Roads
  • Economy of Construction and Maintenance of Roads
  • Fundamentals of Planning of Road and Traffic Constructions
  • Fundamentals of Maintenance of Roads


Master in Industrial and Civil Engineering
  • Construction Normative Base
  • Mathematical methods of optimization
  • Energy Performance of Constructions
  • Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design
  • Scientific Seminars
  • Design of Constructions, Buildings and Structures
  • Building Structures(special course)
  • Inspection, Test and Reconstruction of Buildings and Structures
  • Reliability of Concrete and Reinforced Concrete and Fracture Mechanics
  • Constructions of engineering Structures

Master in Urban Engineering and Services
  • Мethodology of scientific research
  • City Management
  • Design of Architectural Environment
  • Reconstruction and Maintenance of City Building
  • Energy Saving Construction
  • Operation of Buildings and Structures
  • Organization and traffic safety
  • Reconstruction of Historical Buildings
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban transport and communication

Master in Highways and Airfields
  • Fundamentals of GIS Technologies
  • Analysis of Economic Activity, the Economy and Pricing in the Construction and Exploitation of Automobile Roads
  • Testing of Road Surfaces and Roads and Traffic Constructions
  • Fundamentals of Computer-Aided Design in Road Building
  • Traffic Organization and Expertise of RTI
  • Reconstruction and Modernization of Roads and Roads and Traffic Constructions
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • Design of City Streets and Roads for Special Purposes
  • Applied Problems of Highway and Construction Engineering

Knowledge and understanding:

  • knowledge of research work on testing and evaluation of buildings and structures in order to determine properties, parameters and characteristics of materials, structural elements of buildings and constructions;
  • knowledge of industrial and civil constructions design, i.e. designing of constructions, their elements and parts, carrying out appropriate calculations; development of design-engineering documentation;
  • knowledge of scientific and research work in the area of general planning, city management, landscaping and gardening, the organization of the road and transport network;
  • knowledge of design of urban construction in the development of architectural and planning solutions, engineering and transport networks, the development of urban planning documentations;
  • knowledge in research and development work on testing and evaluation of road surfaces and road traffic structures; reconstruction and modernization of roads traffic structures, road traffic organization;
  • knowledge in project (design) of roads, urban and agricultural highways, of development of building constructions, their elements and details with carrying out appropriate calculations; development of design-engineering documentation;
  • knowledge of management to make technological preparations for work on a construction site, building process management; production management; occupational safety techniques for erecting buildings and structures;
  • quality control of architectural, building and assembly works;
  • knowledge in controlling the quality of road building works.

Applying knowledge and skills:

  • skills of using scientifically grounded methods of building and structure design; research skills for organization of existing enterprises; determining stress-strain state of structural elements and soils;
  • skills of using scientifically grounded methods of road and road traffic structures design; scientific and research work on going concern organization; determining the stress-strain state of structural elements of road traffic structures;
  • ability to provide training for work performance, to manage the construction processes and production; to develop measures to improve building and structure operation. Development of measures for improving building maintenance and repair, reducing labor intensity and repair costs. Performing exchange and banking transactions. Drawing up statutory documents, business entities registration, licensing. Negotiating and performing of commercial contracts and settling of disputes. Employment relationship and labor disputes settlement;
  • ability to control the quality of building and assembly works; to monitor activity of the units with regard to the operating rules, repair and maintenance of buildings and structures; testing of the technical state of the structures and the quality of repair work.
  • ability to control the quality of road building works; monitor units activities with regard to the operation rules, repair and maintenance of roads and road traffic structures; check the technical condition of the structures, the quality of repair work;
  • placement of the objects of built-up area; forming elements of protection against external influences.

Making judgments:

  • ability to use acquired professional knowledge and practical skills within the frame of fundamental disciplines while designing and erecting buildings and structures, while designing and placement of the objects of the urban environment, while designing roads, road traffic structures, repair and maintenance of roads and reconstruction of artificial structures on the roads;
  • ability to use qualitative and quantitative approaches to problem solving, ability to use necessary computer software products in professional activity; ability to adopt new knowledge, advanced technologies and variety of innovations; ability to understand how organizations, companies, etc. affect the environment;  ability to observe laws, rules and regulations, to defend the rights; ability to use modern methodology of decision reasoning and to choose the performance strategies on the basis of common values, personal, social, civil and industrial interests;
  • skills of written and oral presentation and business communication.

A graduate may hold the following initial positions: Engineer-Researcher; Project Engineer; Civil Construction Engineer; Engineer in Construction Management; Construction Controlling Engineer; Engineer-Designer; Engineer in Labour Standards Performance; Engineer in Organization, Operation and Maintenance; Quality Control Engineer; Engineer-Laboratory Assistant; Inspection Engineer; Assistant, Lecturer in Higher Education Establishments; Lecturer in Vocational Education Institutions; Laboratory Assistant; Laboratory Chief; Research Worker; Functional Department Manager; Marketing Advisor; Advertising Agent; Design Engineer (urban planning); Transport Engineer; Engineer of Landscape Gardening; Specialist of Public Service.

The department has a research building construction laboratory. 
With the help of special laboratory equipment (press, bursting machine, thermal imager, strain gauge measuring station, freezer, drying cabinets, devices for determining structural deformations, installation of protective layer of concrete and availability and location of fittings, etc.), perform research, testing and inspection of building materials, structures and soils.