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Head of the Department of Economics

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Full Professor

Oleksandr Shubalyi 


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Location: building № 3, Sofia Kovalevska st. 29

The history of the department dates back to September 1, 2007, when the Department of Applied Statistics and Labor Economics was created. From March 1, 2017, the Department of Applied Statistics and Labor Economics was renamed the Department of Economics.

The teaching process at the department is carried out by 8 full-time teachers, including 2 doctors of economic sciences, 6 candidates of economic sciences.

The Department of Economics prepares future specialists of the economic profile at the educational levels for the bachelor, master, doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) in the speciality 051 «Economics», which belongs to the field of study 05 «Social and behavioral sciences».

The logic of building a curriculum in the specialty 051 "Economics" involves the formation of students knowledge, skills and practical skills on the foundations of the formation, development and management of socio-ecological and economic processes at all fundamental levels of the economic system: enterprise, region, type of economic activity, the country's economy.

For students who study for the Bachelor Degree from the second year of study, as well as for undergraduate students (from the fifth year), they will be offered a choice and continue their studies in one of the specialities (educational programs):

- National Economy (Bachelor, Master);

- Human Resources Management and Labor Economics (Bachelor, Master);

- Economics of the environment and natural resources (Master).

Studying for each of the chosen specializations involves a thorough study of a number of specialized subjects, which will enable future economists to form a number of relevant professional competencies.

The educational process on the specialty 051 "Economics" provides for the practical mastering of students by modern information and analytical systems:

- 1C: Enterprise 8. Basic version (as well as detailed study of the modules "Salary and HR management", "Management of goals and CRI", etc.);

- STATISTICA and STATGRAPHICS - application packages for complex economic-statistical analysis;

- Microsoft Project - a project management system that provides the development of plans, allocation of resources for tasks, tracking progress and analyzing the scope of work;

- Map Viewer - a high-quality spatial map analysis tool that allows you to build high quality thematic analytical maps based on geoinformation and territorial data;

- Excel spreadsheet editor (in particular, "Decision Search" and "Analysis Package" add-ons) - use analytical and graphical capabilities for solving local analytic tasks at the user level "above average".

Bachelor and Master's Degree Programs

"Human Resources Management and Labor Economics"

The specialization "Human Resources Management and Labor Economics" is aimed at training highly skilled human resources managers who will acquire theoretical knowledge, skills and practical skills in the process of formation and improvement of personnel management systems at different levels of complexity for various economic entities, direct organization of management process, psychology management, motivation and assessment of personnel based on the use of modern foreign practices.

The educational process, specializing in "HR Management and Labor Economics", envisages the practical acquisition by students of the advanced technologies of personnel management:

- outsourcing of personnel (transfer of personnel within the enterprise);

- outstaffing of staff (the withdrawal of staff for the staff of the customer company and registration of it in the staff of the company-provider);

- coaching (training technology personnel);

- personnel leasing (temporary involvement of staff);

- recruitment of personnel (recruitment of personnel);

-- HR consulting (consulting services);

- personnel reengineering (improvement, optimization of personnel management processes);

- screening of personnel (search of auxiliaries and attendants).

Specialized subjects are aimed at forming students with the following core competences that today require employers from HR specialists:

- development of the concept of personnel management, personnel policy and strategy;

- accounting of personnel, inventory of staffing, personnel documentation;

- staffing planning;

- recruitment / recruitment;

- professional orientation and adaptation of staff;

- personnel training and development;

- motivation and assessment of personnel;

- formation of organizational culture.

Prospective Job Placement:

  • the head of the enterprise or its separate subdivisions;
  • the deputy chief of staff;
  • HR Manager (HR Manager);
  • HR Manager;
  • Labor Economist;
  • Salary Economist.

Bachelor and Master's Degree Programs

"National economy"

Today, a highly skilled economist should have key competences not only at the level of an individual company or organization, but also to understand the logic of socioeconomic processes at the regional level, the type of economic activity (industry) and the national economy as a whole. In order to provide a comprehensive understanding of all changes on the macro, meso and micro-levels of the economic system, a specialization "National Economy" is singled out.

The specialization "National Economy" is aimed at training highly qualified economists for all fundamental levels of the economic system, which during the training will acquire the competences that today require employers from specialists in the given profile:

- development of state, regional, local strategies and target programs, forecasts;

- Complex analysis, evaluation and forecasting of the efficiency of enterprises, types of economic activities, regions and national economy as a whole;

- conducting economic expertise and consulting in the development of business projects, promotion of public initiatives;

- execution of functions of the head of economic direction, economist at enterprises and organizations and their associations;

- application of methods and instruments of state regulation of the economy;

- development of the provisions of the strategy and tactics of ensuring economic security in enterprises and sectors of the country's economy.

Prospective Job Placement:

- executive and executive positions of the economic profile in ministries, committees, state administrations, services, departments, local authorities;

- economists and analysts at enterprises, institutions and organizations of various types of economic activity, forms of ownership and organizational forms of management;

- managers, experts, consultants, activists of the economic direction of work of public organizations, international projects of economic development of the country and regions. 

Master's program

"Environment and Natural Resources Economics"

The specialty "Economics of the environment and natural resources" is aimed at training highly qualified economists in the field of economics of natural resources, which during the training will acquire the competences that today require employers from human resources management specialists:

- development of concepts, strategies, programs, plans of ecological and economic development at different levels;

- monitoring, analysis, estimation and forecasting of the efficiency of ecological and economic activity of business entities, regions, branches;

- conducting environmental and economic expertise of environmental projects;

- Inspection of observance of ecological-economic requirements by subjects of natural resource sphere;

- Planning and organization of entrepreneurial activity on the basis of resource conservation.

- Ability to develop variants of managerial decisions and to substantiate their choice on the basis of criteria of ecological and economic efficiency;

- conducting an economic assessment of natural resources and assessing environmental damage from inappropriate environmental management;

- evaluate the effectiveness of innovation and investment projects

- Preparation and maintenance of environmental projects on a local, regional and national scale.

Prospective Job Placement:

- executive and executive positions of the economic profile in agricultural, forestry, water, mining enterprises, institutions and organizations;

- specialist in the economic direction of the activities of the departments and departments of ecology and natural resources, ecological inspection of the regional and district levels;

- expert on the formation of state and regional ecological and economic development programs;

- specialist in analyzing the ecological and economic situation in the region;

- advisor on ecological and economic issues of local and regional state administrations, branch ministries and departments;

- consultant-analyst on economic and environmental issues in consulting organizations;

- expert of international, state and regional ecological-economic projects;

- specialist in ecological and economic monitoring and forecasting.

Our additional features and benefits:

- assistance in the future job placement in a specialty;

- complete computerization of the educational process using Internet-technologies;

- living in a hostel with all conveniences for an affordable fee;

- the possibility of parallel reception of the "double" diploma of the European University in Poland, Portugal, Germany;

- interesting excursions to the leading enterprises, institutions and organizations of the city of Lutsk and the region;

- visiting museums, theater, historical and cultural monuments, entertaining establishments;

- Participation in socially responsible and charitable events, the disclosure of creative talent;

- sports in the sports complex with a swimming pool, rest at the campus of the university on the largest in Ukraine, the Svityaz lake.

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