Department of Electronics and Telecommunications

Head of the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications 

PhD, Associate Professor

Zablotskyi Valentyn 





                               Main staff  of the department


Teachers of the leading departments of the Lutsk National Technical University take part in the training of specialists in the fields of Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering, but the teachers of the department "Electronics and Telecommunications"  play a key  role  in this process. 

Teachers of the Department carry out work in the following areas:

• educational activity;

• educational and methodical activity;

• research activity;

• vocational guidance activity.



·          Taras Terletskyi ,Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         Mykola Hvyshchun , Associate Professor,

·         Petro Bahovskyi, Associate Professor,

·          Victor Lyshuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor

·         Mykola Yevsyuk, Associate Professor

·         Sergii Moroz, Associate Professor,

·          Iosyp Selepyna, Ph.D., Associate Professor

·         Stanislav Prystupa, Ph.D., Lecturer

·          Natalia Iakymchuk, Lecturer

·         Tetiana  Tsyz, senior laboratory assistant

·         Igor Maksymchuk, senior laboratory assistant

·         Volodymyr   Krasovskyi, senior laboratory   assistant 


      Specialities of the  department   and its characteristics

Specialities of the Department:


by educational programs:

- technical security;

- technical means of   motor transport  diagnostics;

- biotechnical and medical devices and systems.


by the educational program:

-Telecommunication networks of mobile communication.


Characteristics of the   speciality   ELECTRONICS

Modern life can not exist  without electronics. These are on-board computers of vehicles, measuring equipment, diagnostic equipment, various medical and biological equipment, and so on.

During studying by  the speciality, students receive knowledge in various fields of professional and practical electronics, modern information processing systems, security systems, fire alarm systems, measurement and data processing methods, and graphical presentation of results; receive the necessary knowledge and skills in the field of design, production, operation, testing and maintenance of analog and digital systems, equipment, electronic and telecommunication systems. They also acquire skills in the practical use of computer tools.

The educational security program provides students with the following professional skills:

- development of fire alarm and warning systems, video surveillance and access control systems;

- design of one-level and multi-level security systems;

- select and program logic controllers for smart home, smart city systems.


     The educational program of technical means of    motor  transport  diagnostics   involves receiving by students the following professional skills:

- diagnostics and repair of systems and units of cars, the operation  which is controlled by electronics;

- application of diagnostic complexes, devices and equipment in the conditions of the maintenance station;

- verification and restoration of the working capacity of a typical electronic and electric vehicle equipment.


The educational program of biotechnical and medical devices and systems provides students with the following professional skills:

- application in practice of physical methods of acoustic diagnostics for the purpose of studying biological systems, modern methods of calculating electro- and opto-mechanical units of devices,

- defining  of characteristics of magnetic field sources;

- engineering calculations of inductors and development of magnetic therapy devices.


     Graduates of the speciality   ELECTRONICS  receive engineering and technical qualification and can work in the field of design, construction, operation, diagnostics and repair of electronic systems of motor transport, fire alarm and notification, video surveillance and access restriction, medical-biological and other technological equipment at enterprises both state and non-state forms of ownership.




Telecommunications is one of the most important and promising areas of the latest technology. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) play the critical  role in the development of the information society in Ukraine, national infrastructure and integration into the global infrastructure. The pace of ICT development exceeds the growth rates of the economies of the technologically advanced countries of the world, and the world's telecommunication developments have become the most successful projects.

Educational program of telecommunication networks of mobile communication provides students with the following professional skills:

- control and diagnostics of the state of equipment and software of information and telecommunication networks, television and radio broadcasting networks, transmission systems, switching systems, end user devices;

- provision of the nomenclature and regulatory quality of the provision of telecommunication services;

- analysis of  measurement  results of parameters and performance of information and telecommunication networks, transmission systems, switching systems;

- implementation of prevention and maintenance of equipment for information and telecommunication networks, transmission systems, switching systems.


After completing the studies in the chosen specialization, you will receive a diploma of a specialist who can easily find work in the field of infotelecommunication.

Graduates have the opportunity to work on engineering and management positions of leading enterprises, organizations and their representations: in the field of electronics, telecommunications, software and information technologies.