Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics

Head of the Department of Engineering and Computer Graphics,

PhD, Associate Professor, 

Ihor Holovachuk


Tel: (03322) 74-61-08

Professorial Staff

Holovachuk IhorPhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: the use of multimedia technology in the educational process; study the impact of physical and mechanical properties of stalks on geometrical parameters of working bodies of agricultural machines; research helical surfaces and areas of use of technology.

Disciplines: Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics

Burchak Ihor - PhD, Full Professor

Research interests: Methods of discrete modeling of complex surfaces and mobile technology in CAD, 3D-printing technology

Pustiulha Serhii - Ph.D. Full Professor

Research interests: Geometric modeling of objects and processes on technical problems in construction and engineering.

Samostian Victor - Ph.D. Associate Professor

Research interests: discrete geometric modeling curves and surfaces modeling traffic flows using graph theory.

Velichko Volodymyr - Lecturer

Research interests: Computer technology in engineering design; computer graphics imaging and modeling; innovative educational technologies and conditions for their implementation in the educational process; conversion processes and the use of sapropel.

Clack Yurii - Lecturer.

Research interests: Geometric modeling surfaces of complex shape with the use of matrix calculus.