Department of Engineering and Computer Support of Agro-Industrial Complex

Head of the Department of Engineering and Computer Support of Agro-Industrial Complex,

Doctor of Engineering, Full Professor, 

Volodymyr   Didukh 


Tel: (0332) 71-64-32

Speciality for a Bachelor Degree - Agricultural Engineering

Speciality for a Master Degree - Agricultural Engineering and Machinery

Professorial Staff

Tsyz Ihor - PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: mechanical and technological functioning of agroecological closed cycles.

Kirchuk Ruslan - PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: research and modeling of energy-efficient processes and means of drying plant material.

Satsiuk Vasyl -PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: the development of scientific bases, increase of soil fertility by using sapropel.

Shvedyk Mykola - PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests:

• development of technological and technical bases of improvement of energy-saving processes in sowing cereals and their collection;
• development of technological and technical bases of improvement of energy-saving process of planting, harvesting and sorting potatoes.

Yukhymchuk Serhii - Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interests: the development of scientific bases of machines and technologies for harvesting flax.

Zabrodotska Liudmyla - PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: the development of methods and means of dry bulk agricultural materials

Tarasiuk Victor - PhD, Associate Professor

Research interests: research and development of methods and tools of OMD creation based on sapropel.

Khomych Serhii - PhD, Associate Professor

The author of over 20 scientific publications, 3 patents, and utility models

Basic Disciplines for Bachelor Students in Speciality 'Agricultural Engineering'

  • Physics,
  • Higher mathematics,
  • Chemistry,
  • Modern information technology,
  • Theoretical mechanics,
  • Descriptive Geometry,
  • Engineering and Computer Graphics,
  • Materials Science and TCM,
  • Strength of Materials,
  • Interchangeability, Standardization and Technical Measurements, Electrical Engineering,
  • Electronics and Microprocessor Technology,
  • Hydraulics, hydraulic and pneumatic drives,
  • Theory of mechanisms and machines,
  • Machine parts and lifting-transporting machines,
  • Theoretical fundamentals of heating,
  • Tractors and vehicles,
  • Agricultural machinery,
  • Automation and automation of production,
  • CAD agricultural  machines,
  • Operating machinery and equipment,
  • The mechanics of plant materials
  • Fundamentals of Conservation and primary processing of agricultural  products
  • Testing and certification of agricultural machinery,
  • Technical systems theory,
  • Technology and equipment
  • Landscape Architecture,
  • Agroforestry,
  • The economy of agricultural production,
  • Fundamentals of engineering management,
  • Reliability of machines,
  • The theory, design and calculation of the agricultural  machines for livestock,
  • Fundamentals of technical creativity and patent,
  • Statistical data processing,
  • Process engineering fundamentals,
  • Technical diagnostics.

Basic Disciplines for Master Students in Speciality 'Agricultural Engineering and Machinery'

  • Occupational Safety and Civil Protection,
  • Designing Machines and Equipment for Mechanization of Livestock Raising,
  • Designing Machinery and Equipment for Agricultural Crops Growing and Harvesting,
  • Dynamics and Reliability of Agricultural Machinery,
  • Mathematical Modeling of Machinery,
  • Experimental Investigation of Agricultural Processes,
  • Optimization Methods and Computer Technology,
  • Technical Diagnostics,
  • Technology and Equipment for Landscape Services,
  • Methods of Field Experiment,
  • Probation  and Certification of Agricultural Machinery,
  • Methods of Inventive Activity,
  • Factors for Successful Professional Employment,
  • Corporate Culture and Business Etiquette.

Acquired Competences

Active qualitative changes in the management of agrarian production include, first, the introduction of the latest technology. At the same time, to achieving a desired result requires a highly qualified professorial staff in this field.

It is also a rapidly developing sector responsible for agricultural machinery and the market of imported machinery, which require high-quality specialists.

Prospective Job Placement

  • design of equipment for logging, forestry, furniture and woodworking industries;
  • maintenance and operation of forest harvesting, forestry, woodworking equipment;
  • construction of prefabricated buildings, forest roads, arrangement of recreation zones;
  • transportation of wood raw materials, sawdust, wood waste;
  • forestry: planting, restoration, care;
  • processing of wood waste: manufacturing of wood panels, fuel briquettes and granules, charcoal;
  • educational activity: teaching of technical disciplines in secondary and higher educational establishments.
  • computer design of machines and equipment for agricultural production;
  • technical service of agricultural machines, tractors and cars;
  • computerization of production processes of the agro-industrial complex;
  • technical inspection of agricultural machines, tractors and cars;
  • dealer activity (purchase and sale of agricultural machinery).