Department of International Economic Relations

Head of the Department of International Economic Relations

PhD in Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Larysa Savosh


Tel.: (0332) 78-99-49

Department prepares Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students in International Economic Relations Course in full-time and distance training. Students will be able to have the European standard diploma. There are approximately 100 students enrolled in this course.

Professorial Staff

Larysa SavoshPhD in Economics / Research interests: agricultural economics and agricultural business, international economic relations, international tourism, financial mathematics, statistics, econometrics;

Taras BozhydarnikDSc in Economics / Research interests: international economy, logistics management, international management, innovation and investment potential of the region, agricultural economy;

Oksana LiashenkoDSc in Economics / Research interests: international information, information policy, economic modeling;

Olena Liutak - DSc in Economics / Research interests: regional policy, cross-border cooperation,  international tourism industry, global institutionalization of business, tourist and recreational potential of cross-border region;

Olena Baula - PhD in Economics / Research interests: economic theory and history of economic conception, international economic relations, international economic development strategy;

Natalia GalaziukPhD in Economics / Research interests: economics and management of domestic economy, economic theory, international economic relations;

Olha Zelinska - PhD in Economics / Research interests: economics and management of domestic economy, economic theory, international economic relations;

Oleh Кravchuk - PhD in Economics / Research interests: economics and management of domestic economy, international economic relations, global institutionalization of business;

Pavlo Kravchuk - PhD in Economics / Research interests: economic security of the enterprise, economic security of the state, international economics, economic theory;

Tetyana VisynaPhD in History / Research interests: international economics, international economic relations, macroeconomics, economic history of Ukraine;

Oksana Urban - PhD in Economics / Research interests: international economics, trans border collaboration, security.


Main research activity of the Department: problems and prospects of Ukraine in the international division of labour and the formation of a mechanism for ensuring the international competitiveness of the national economy.

 Educational disciplines of the Department of International Economic Relations for 2018-2019

  • Global economy
  • Methodology of teaching discipline in the specialty
  • Fundamentals of management
  • International Competitive Environment
  • World market of goods and services
  • Financial systems of foreign countries
  • Fundamentals of economic theory
  • Foreign Economic Policy of Ukraine
  • International finance
  • Fundamentals of scientific research
  • Macroeconomics
  • Global macroeconomic policy
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Macro and microeconomics
  • Strategies for economic development
  • Construction Economics
  • International economy
  • The theory of international relations
  • Тransnationalization of the world economy
  • Economy of foreign countries
  • International organizations
  • Actual problems of the world economy and IEC
  • International relations and world politics
  • Foreign exchange operations
  • International economy
  • International economic relations
  • Fundamentals of economic knowledge
  • Management of international projects
  • International financial and stock markets
  • International economic security
  • Fundamentals of management
  • Information systems and technologies in the international economy
  • International trade
  • International information
  • Environmental management and audit
  • European integration
  • International tourism
  • International investment activity
  • History of Economics and Economic Idea
  • International economic activity of Ukraine
  • The history of international economic relations
  • Economic substantiation of technical solutions
  • Ecological management and audit
  • Transformational economy and economic policy of the state
  • International investment activity
  • Transnational corporations

Acquired Competences

Knowledge and understanding:

  • basic skills to analyze the patterns and trends of globalization, to classify types of global problems;
  • having basic skills of fundamental knowledge in determining the role and significance of the technical regulation system in the conditions of economic processes globalization;
  • the ability to analyze the state and prospects of foreign economic policy of Ukraine by the main components;
  • basic knowledge for assessing the effectiveness of regulation of international economic activity of Ukraine from the point of view of economicentities and observance of national economic interests of Ukraine;
  • basic ability to conduct research on topical issues of international economic relations;
  • basic knowledge of modern integration trends and peculiarities of governance in the EU;
  • basic understanding of the essence of all types of international markets, their features, conditions and factors of operation;
  • basic understanding of the essence, methodological principles and skills in the field of regulation of international trade;
  • basic knowledge about the peculiarities of activity and prospects of Ukraine's participation in international organizations.

Applying knowledge and skills:

  • skills of segmenting the features and patterns of development and functioning of the modern world economy infrastructure;
  • ability to organize and conduct business meetings and negotiations with partners and other subjects of foreign economic activity;
  • ability to conduct research on articles issues of international economic relations;
  • ability to conduct complex research and monitoring of world and regional markets of goods and services, and the status of foreign economic activity of countries;
  • skills of international projects’ ranking, analyzing and choosing between alternative projects;
  • skills of interpreting the international activities’ results and trends in the development of international economic relations.

Making judgments:

  • skills to investigate economic phenomena and processes in the international sphere on the basis of understanding categories and laws, highlighting and generalizing trends, patterns of development of the world economy;
  • ability to substantiate the choice and apply informational and analytical tools, economic and statistical methods of analysis and monitoring of the situation of world markets and their separate segments to present the results of evaluation and to develop recommendations, measures for adaptation to changes in the international environment;
  • skills to uphold national interests, taking into account the security components of international economic relations.

Prospective Job Placement

  • specialist in civil service, diplomatic and consular services;
  • international financial analyst;
  • specialist in international sales;
  • financial manager, international banker;
  • specialist in project and program management;
  • specialist in international business;
  • international marketing consultant;
  • specialist in corporate management in international companies;
  • specialist in business planning of international investment projects;
  • specialist in analysing international commodity market;
  • translator.