Department of Physical Education

Head of  the  Department of Physical Education

Ph.D., Associate Professor 


Sergii Savchuk




Tel: (0332) 26-05-97


Staff   assistance  of educational process:



      At present, the educational process at the department is carried out by:




·         S. Savchuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         A. Ivanova, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         I. Bakiko, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         V.Kovalchuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         O. Panasiuk, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Master of Karate Sports, candidate for master  in Polyatlon Sports, candidate for master  in Fighting Sports )

·         O. Grebik, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         V. Faidevych, Ph.D., Associate Professor,

·         V. Dmytruk, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer,

·         A Homych, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer .



In addition to the academic work, each teacher conducts scientific, methodological, educational and sports-mass work. Teachers of the Department are involved in public work, they are members of the Academic Council of the University, the Council on Methodological, Scientific and Educational Work, the All-Ukrainian Karate Federation of JKA WF of Ukraine, the City Basketball Federation.       


Scientific and  research work at the department is carried out in accordance with the approved scientific direction "Improvement of forms of health and sports-mass work with students". A scientific laboratory has been established at the department, where there is an opportunity to conduct scientific researches and experiments. Teachers of the Department take part in international and all-Ukrainian conferences,they  publish their  results  in scientific collections. Students are actively involved in research work. Annually they take part in the student's scientific conference of Lutsk NTU, prepare interesting and meaningful reports.

       Training of specialists:

The purpose of the department's work is to improve the forms of health and sports-mass work with university students, training of highly skilled specialists in the following areas:

- 014 Secondary education (physical education) (bachelor) In the first year  among  students , who study at this department,  are  masters of sports and candidates for the master of sports of Ukraine.

       Methodical support of the department:

The department organizes   methodical seminars, where the problems of the methodology of the organization, the conduct of individual classes, the teaching methodology of individual elements of the program  are discussed. There is a sufficient number of methodological developments for all types of programs.  

        Material and technical base of the department:

    The physical education department has a sports complex with four specialized halls, a swimming pool and a stadium. In the games room there is a possibility to train and compete in basketball, handball, volleyball, tennis. In addition, the hall is equipped with Swedish walls, places for spectators, a niche for storage of inventory.

    The sports hall for martial arts is covered with tatami, it  has a sufficient amount of sports equipment. In the hall there are classes on aerobics, kickboxing, hand-to-hand combat, karate-do.

   The pride of the department is a 25-meter swimming pool with four tracks, where swimming training takes place, sports and health groups work.

    The University Stadium has racetracks, large and small soccer fields, a sports camp, and athletics sectors for throwing and jumping.

    The teachers of the department organize and conduct volleyball sections (eg male, female), basketball (male), athletic gymnastics, football, swimming, athletics, karate-do, table tennis. 

     The volleyball tournament for the Rector's Cup is held every year in the sports complex of Lutsk National Technical University   for the purpose of cooperation between sports schools and the university.  The competition was attended by teams of Kovel, Ivanichivskyi and Gorokhovskyi districts.

      The solemn opening of the season in the swimming pool took place  for  the day of physical culture and sports. At the celebration the honorable guest - Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Roman Grebe  visited  our university.   He awarded the best athletes among the students of the university, namely:

        1. The champion of Europe from the Cossack battle, repeated prize-winner of international and all-Ukrainian competitions on karate and hand-to-hand combat, Ukraine's hand-to-hand combat system, KMD with karate - Dmytro Shchuruk.

        2. The  repeated prizewinner of all-ukrainian and regional competitions on karate, the KMS of Ukraine on karate - Olena Tsioh.

        3. The   multiple winner of international and all-Ukrainian kickboxing competitions, MS of Ukraine on kickboxing - Vladyslav Kapysh.

        4. The  prize-winner of regional competitions on powerlifting- Yevgen   Kostyuk.

        5. The champion of the Open Championship of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the repeated prizewinner of international and all-Ukrainian powerlifting competitions, Ukraine's powerlifting force, Taras Chosik.

        6. The  players of the national team of Lutsk NTU, which was the finalist of the Ukrainian Cup on 3-3 basketball – Yurii  Shkondia and Vadym Gololobov.

        7. The team of the national team of Lutsk National Football Team, the winner of the city competitions – Dmytro  Bortnyuk.

        8. The players of the team of the Lutsk NTU, the winner of the Volleyball City Sports Complex, the Volyn International Friend Tournament and other regional and regional competitions - Anastasiya Baglyk and Anastasia Voznyuk.

        9. Anatolii Zatvor, a member of the All-Ukrainian Student League of Ukraine; a member of the  volleyball team   at Volyn Oblast in the relay "4 per 100 m" - Olexandr Penkalo.

      The Department of Physical Education is doing its utmost to ensure that physical education, as an integral part of the general education system, provides the basis for the provision and development of physical and moral health of students, a comprehensive approach to the formation of mental and physical qualities of the individual, and the improvement of physical and psychological activity.