Department of Technologies and Processing Enterprises Equipment

Head of the Department of Technologies and Procesing Enterprises Equipment,

PhD, Associate Professor, 

Serhii Holiachuk


Tel: (0332) 71-64-36

The department provides training in the following specialities:

  • Bachelor Degree in Food Technology;
  • Master Degree in Industrial Machinery (Specialization – «Food and Processing Industry Equipment»)

The research activities of the department:

  • improving processing technology and equipment and food industries;
  • Preparation and protection of theses, graduate management;
  • preparation of training manuals, textbooks, monographs, publication of scientific papers;
  • organizing and conducting conferences and meetings attended by members of the Department of national and international scientific conferences and seminars;
  • work on the state budget and extra-budgetary research topics;
  • consultation and continuous cooperation with public authorities in the field of food processing industry, local authorities and other agencies and organizations;
  • research search student work;
  • interuniversity scientific cooperation.

Professorial Staff

Hunko Heorhii - PhD, Associate Professor

Panasiuk Svitlana - PhD, Associate Professor

Fedorus Yurii - PhD, Associate Professor 

Sai Volodymyr - PhD, Associate Professor 

Dudarev Ihor - PhD, professor

Taraimovych Iryna - PhD, Associate Professor

Basic Disciplines for Bachelor Students in the Speciality 'Food Technology'

  • Physics,
  • Higher mathematics,
  • Inorganic Chemistry,
  • Organic chemistry,
  • Analytical chemistry,
  • Physical and Colloid Chemistry,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Informatics and information technologies,
  • Technical Microbiology,
  • The theoretical basis of food production technologies,
  • Sugar production technology,
  • Technology of grain storage and processing,
  • Technology of bread, macaroni, and confectionery,
  • Technology of milk and dairy products,
  • Technology of meat, meat products and fish,
  • Fermentation technology industries,
  • Technology of fats and fat substitutes,
  • Technology of canning fruits and vegetables,
  • Management of foodstuffs and standardization,
  • Processes and equipment of food production,
  • Automation of production processes,
  • Basics of the scientific research and technical creativity,
  • Total health food technology,
  • Fundamentals of industrial engineering and sanitary engineering
  • Scientific bases of technology of grain products and mixed fodders,
  • Technological calculations,
  • Technological equipment industry,
  • Feed technology,
  • Computer modeling of food production facilities,
  • Grain science,
  • Technology of flour production,
  • Technological equipment of food production,
  • Fundamentals of agricultural products conservation,
  • Design of food industry, 
  • Scientific bases of technology of grain products and mixed fodder.

Basic Disciplines for Master Students in Speciality 'Industrial Machinery'

  • Occupational Safety and Civil Protection,
  • Designing of Food Production Equipment,
  • Fundamentals of Food Production Enterprise
  • Designing, Maintenance of Technological  Equipment,
  • Computer Simulation of  Food  Production Equipment,
  • Equipment Operating  Efficiency,
  • Technological Systems Investigation,
  • Optimization Methods and Computer Technology,
  • Technological Equipment for Bakery and Fermentation Productions,
  • Technological Equipment for Dairy and Canning Productions,
  • Food Production Research Methods,
  • Experimental Studies and Experimental Data Processing,
  • Methods of Intensification of Food Production Equipment Operation,
  • Factors for Successful Professional Employment,
  • Corporate Culture and Business Etiquette.

Acquired Competences

The food industry of Ukraine is the only one, which, in the conditions of the economic crisis, not only did not reduce production volumes, but also continues increasing them actively. Modernization of domestic enterprises of processing and food industry, introduction of the latest technologies and entry of Ukraine into the world community require qualified specialists with higher education.

Intensification of production in the processing and food industry is associated with the modernization of means of production based on the application of the latest advances in science and technology. Technical re-equipment, preparation of new types of products in the food industry and the modernization of available means inevitably include processes for the design of technological equipment with the help of modern computer technologies, in particular, 3D modeling.