Department of Tourism, Hotel and Catering Industry

Head of the Tourism and Civil Security Department,

Candidate  of Economic Science, Associate Professor

Bohdan Kolisnyk 


Tel: (0332) 74-61-14

Specialty 241 - 'Hotel, Restaurant and Catering', Field of Study 24 - 'Services'

Specialty 242 - 'Tourism', Field of Study 24 - 'Services'

Specialty 263 - 'Civil Security',  Field of Study 26 - 'Civil Security'

Professorial Staff

Matviichuk LiudmylaDoctor of Economic Science, Full Professor

Research interests: economics of nature management, organizational and economic mechanism of usage safety and protection of tourist resources

Stasiuk Viktor - PhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: labor protection and technogenic safety in housing and communal services

Bondarchuk Larysa - PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: organizational and technological aspects to guarantee ecological safety of agro-industrial production

Visyn Olena - PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: research questions in the history of science and technology

Lepkyi Mykhailo - PhD in Geographical Sciences

Research interests: theoretical foundations of tourism geography, information technologies and their role in the tourism industry in Volyn Region

Dashchuk Yulia - PhD in Economic Science, Senior Lecturer

Research interests: the applied principles of development of the tourist industry of the region

Fedorchuk-Moroz ValentynaPhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: labor safety, civil security, processes and apparatus for chemical production

Rudynets MykolaPhD in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: technology and information security, energy sources, transport and IT technologies, project management, development of territories

Polishchuk LarysaPhD in Technical Sciences, Senior Lecturer

Research interests: features of development of enterprises in the tourism industry; development of information technologies in hotel and restaurant business

Tyshchuk Inna - a Lecturer

Research interests: research of rural green tourism in the regions of Ukraine

Lishchuk MykhailoPhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: legal, organizational and technical bases for guaranteeing safe working conditions 

Androshchuk IhorPhD in Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor

Research interests: development of integrated management system and solid waste management in Lutsk and Volyn Region.

Kovalchuk Maryna - Senior Laboratory Assistant

Mykhalchuk MykhailoSenior Laboratory Assistant

Prospective Job Placement

Graduates in the specialty 'Tourism' can work in the sphere of home and international tourism, hotel and restaurant business as:

  • directors of tourist enterprises;
  • top managers;
  • economists, accountants and lawyers in the field of tourism
  • administrators, system administrators;
  • organizers in the areas of cognitive, therapeutic, sports (equestrian, pedestrian, water, bicycle), ecological and green tourism,
  • animators;
  • guides
  • reception and guest relation staff;
  • transfer agents;
  • specialists in extreme sports, skiing and other types of tourism;
  • marketers and managers of marketing departments in tourist firms (tour operators and travel agencies);
  • managers of advertising services and departments in travel agencies,
  • heads of various departments of the tourist complex: hotel industry, restaurant business, transport services for tourists (aviation, railway and other transport companies), etc.
  • technologists in the restaurant industry.

Graduates in the specialty 'Civil Security' (Labor Protection) can work in enterprises, institutions and organizations, regardless of ownership; in educational institutions, in state supervision bodies for labor protection, in state authorities and local self-government as:

  • specialists in labor protection and civil security;
  • technical experts on industrial safety;
  • safety engineers;
  • engineers on technogenic and ecological safety;
  • state security inspectors on civil protection and technogenic safety;
  • state inspectors for technological and environmental supervision;
  • the main state experts on working conditions;
  • the main state experts on working conditions of Ukraine;
  • chiefs of services (sphere of labor protection and civil protection);
  • heads of labor departments;
  • chiefs of the civil protection staff.