Acting Dean:
Ph.D., Associate Professor
Vladyslav Volynets 
+38 (0332) 74-61-47
Faculty website: fepes.lntu.edu.ua

Field of Study 10 - 'Natural Sciences'
Specialty 101 - 'Environmental Studies'.
Field of Study 14 - 'Electrical Engineering'
Specialty 141 - 'Electrical Energetics, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics'.
Field of Study 24 - 'Services'
241 - 'Hotel, Restaurant and Catering';
242 - 'Tourism'.
Field of Study 26 - 'Civil Security'
Specialty 263 - 'Civil Security'

The history of the faculty  started from the energy-saving faculty established by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 168 of October 28, 1998 for the training of specialists on energy conservation in industry, transport and agriculture. The faculty trained and graduated specialists in the following specialities at the time of the establishment :

- Electrotechnical systems of power consumption;

- Devices of precise mechanics;

- Medical devices and systems;

- Ecology and environmental protection.


Currently, the faculty is preparing bachelors and masters in 5 specialities.   


Material support of the educational process


About six hundred students study at the faculty. All the departments of the faculty have specialized laboratories, equipped with modern facilities for conducting various studies, as well as measuring instruments, computer equipment, etc.

Personnel support  of  the educational process

The professional level of the faculty staff  is high. This allows not only to  lead  high-quality training of future  specialists in all specialities, but be also fruitfully engaged in research work.

Faculty   has 4 departments:

1. Department of Electric Power Supply;

2. Department of Ecology and Agronomy;

3. Department of Tourism, Hotel and  Catering Industry;

4. Department of Civil Security.     

All departments are graduating. There are 36 teachers at the departments of the faculty, 3 of them are professors, 30  of them are candidates of sciences and associate professors.

Methodical provision of the educational process.

 All educational runtime programs, which are used to  train  specialists, meet not only Ukrainian but also Western standards of higher education (developed in accordance with the requirements of the Bologna process). All disciplines of the faculty are provided with teaching aids. The number and quality of textbooks, manuals and electronic publications grows each year. In general, education is aimed at obtaining advanced academic knowledge and developing the skills of their creative application in practice. 

Research work of the faculty

The faculty departments  conduct  active  research work, the main results of which are preparation and defense of theses and obtaining the scientific degrees of the candidate and doctor of sciences.

The scientific activity of the faculty is carried out within the framework of the priority directions of research of each department. The table provides information on the general directions of scientific activity of the departments of the faculty.

          Scientific directions of the Environmental studies, Tourism and Electrical Engineering  Faculty:

      Agroecological and geographical justification of the creation of the VSS in  Volyn region (supervisor - Associate Professor  I. Merlenko). 

         Scientific substantiation of the development, operation and optimization of the structure of the ecological network and facilities of  Volyn region (supervisor -  Associate Professor    V. Fedoniuk ).

Improvement of methods and means of compensation of reactive power in networks with a sharp change load (supervisor - Associate Professor   Y. Grytsiuk).

Improvement and development of methods of analysis and increase of efficiency of energy use in complex production systems (supervisor - Associate Professor T. Komenda ).   

Decentralized energy supply systems and their energy efficiency (supervisor -  Prof. L. Dobrovolska).

Research of the  tourism development prospects   in Ukraine and the world (supervisor - Prof. L. Matviychuk).

Increasing the level of industrial and civil security in Ukraine and the world (supervisor  - Associate Professor   V. Fedorchuk-Moroz).       

           Research work at the Faculty is conducted by qualified researchers, candidates, doctors, postgraduates and students.

There are 5 scientific student groups  functioning at faculty departments, in which 69 students are involved. The results of their activities are the preparation of scientific publications, participation and victory in all-Ukrainian olympiads, competitions of student's scientific works, as well as domestic and international conferences.


Morale  Building  Activities

The teaching staff  of  the faculty is actively engaged in  morale building activities with students, guided by the main provisions of the "Concept of national education of  University  youth" and "Concept of education of children and youth in the national education system in Ukraine". Students of the faculty take an active part in all the events held at the University in Lutsk and at the country level. In general, the morale building activities at the faculty are aimed at creating conditions for self-actualization of the student as a person, raising his/her  level of spirituality and culture.

          The  morale building activities are  carried out in accordance with the "Plan of educational work with the students of the Faculty of Environmental studies, Tourism and Electrical Engineering" and "The Work plan of the student council of the Faculty of  Environmental studies, Tourism and Electrical Engineering", developed in accordance with the "Concept of national education of the student youth of the University and structural educational divisions of Lutsk National Technical University "on the following main directions:

- morale building  work in the academic groups of the faculty;

- morale building work in the hostel;

- professional orientation of students;

- morale building  work   during  extracurricular time.


Students and graduates


        Students of the faculty are actively engaged in scientific work - they take an active part in student scientific conferences, as well as regional and international scientific-practical conferences, seminars, symposiums. As a result there is a significant number of publications in scientific journals. In addition, students of the faculty take part in  sports  competitions,  often prize-winners of various republican contests and competitions. The best graduates of the faculty after the completion of postgraduate studies and the defense of theses are completing the teaching staff of the University. At present, the University employs more than 25 lecturers - candidates of technical sciences, associate professors, and 1 doctor of technical sciences, who are graduates of the Faculty of  Environmental studies, Tourism and Electrical Engineering. A significant number of specialists trained at the Faculty work at the leading enterprises of the region: "Electrothermometry", "SCF Ukraine",  "Volynoblenergo", territorial administration of the State Labor Organization, heat and water supply organizations, and others like that.    


                      International cooperation.

         Faculty departments prepare grant projects within the framework of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine program and projects submitted to the EaRTS Ukraine-Belarus competition. The projects "Increasing the tourist attractiveness of historical and cultural tourist resources  "Pearls of the Western Polissia"," Development of cooperation between the environmental objects of  Volyn and Brest regions between  Kivertsi  "Tsuman Pushcha" and  "RZ Prybuzhskoe Polessye" in the sphere of tourism and recreation"  and   "Monitoring of the ecological status of lakes and their  catchment areas  in the borderlands of the Brest and Volyn regions. "

         The faculty works  on increasing the academic mobility of students and teachers.

Students on the speciality "Ecology" study at the Lublin Polytechnic in the Master's program (double diploma), as well as  students  on specialities "Environmental Studies"  and  "Tourism" have  linguistic  internship   in Germany, Bruchsal and Poland, and Zamosc.

        The faculty has established cooperation with the Higher School of Economics in Bydgoszcz (Republic of Poland) regarding the practice / internship. For students on the speciality "Tourism", the practice base is in Varna, Bulgaria and Yaroslavets, Poland.