Acting Dean:
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Igor Andrushchak 
+38 (0332) 25-15-38
Faculty website: fof.lntu.edu.ua


                   History of the Faculty of Finance, Accounting, Linguistics and Law

          The end of the 90's was very important in the history of the development of our University. Active work on organizational and structural adjustment started  with the University's status.  According  to the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine No. 356 dated 08.10.1998 and the order of the Rector of  Lutsk STU  № 168 of October 28, 1998 "The reorganization of the structural units of the university" the  Faculty of Accounting and Finance was set up.

          At that time, the faculty trained specialists in two specialities – Accountingand Audit and Finance,  had  456 students   and  32 teachers  involved  in the educational process, 9 of them (29%) - with academic degrees and academic  titles.

          In order  to  improve the professional training of specialists in finance and increase the efficiency of scientific work by order of Lutsk STU № 243 of 06.09.2000  on the basis of the Department of Accounting and Audit, the  Department of Finance was established. The Head of  the Department  is the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor V. Leshuk. The Department of Accounting and Audit was headed by Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor I. Sadovska.          

          The rapid development of the banking system of Ukraine required the involvement of energetic, business people with a sufficient level of special  knowledge for work. In 2004, in order to meet the needs of the labor market in such specialists, for the first time students were admitted to the speciality "Banking" and their training started at our faculty. The requirement of the time was also the creation of the Department of Banking (order on LSTU №386 dated August 18, 2006). The Head of the Department is the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor N. Riznyk.    

          In 2008, the Faculty of Accounting and Finance held subordinate departments: commodity science and expertise in customs; foreign languages; engineering pedagogics, psychology and Ukrainian studies.

The scientific and pedagogical staff of the faculty was finally formed in 2018. The faculty includes 4 departments:

- Accounting and Auditing;

- Finance, Banking and Insurance;

- Humanities and Law;

- Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics.

At present, the organization of the activities of the Faculty of Finance, Accounting, Linguistics and Law is carried out  by:

* Dean, Doctor of Technical Sciences,  Prof.  I. Andrushchak;

* Deputy Dean for Scientific Work and International Relations, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assoc. Prof. S. Zelenko;

* Deputy Dean for Educational Work and Public Relations, Ph.D., Associate Professor, N. Mostovenko.

70   lecturers   work at faculty departments  and  98%   of  them  are doctors of sciences and candidates of sciences. Students of full-time and part-time forms of study receive  bachelor's and master's degrees in educational programs  and their preparation is carried out in  the next  specialities :

Field of study 03 - 'Humanities'

Speciality 035 - 'Philology' (035.10 'Applied Linguistics').

Field of study 07 - 'Management and Administration'


071 - 'Accounting and Finance';

072 - 'Finance, Banking and Insurance';

073 - 'Management'.

Field of study 23 - 'Social Work'

Speciality 232 - 'Social Welfare'

Field of study 08 - 'Law'

Speciality 081 - 'Law'


          During the period of the faculty's activity over 4,600 specialists  received higher education and received diplomas, among them  over 900 students got  master’s  diplomas.

The Faculty of Finance, Accounting, Linguistics and Law of Lutsk NTU is proud of its graduates who continue their studies in the postgraduate study, work on a speciality at enterprises of various organizational and legal forms, in public administration, in financial and lending institutions of Lutsk, Volyn region and other regions of Ukraine.

        The activity of the faculty is multifaceted. Considerable attention at all stages of its formation and development was paid to educational work, the content of which consists of the successful combination of practical and theoretical training on humanitarian, fundamental, professionally oriented disciplines.

       The faculty actively introduces the latest innovative teaching technologies. So, in the learning process at the Faculty many computer classes and multimedia audiences are involved, which help to improve the quality of educational services.

                        An important component  of the Faculty's work is methodological work.      

        Increasing the effectiveness of organizing methodological work at Lutsk National Technical University as a whole, conducting competitions for the best textbook, textbook, best methodological development, intensified the methodical work of faculty lecturers. At present, the provision of methodological materials of disciplines, fixed for the departments  of the faculty is 98.7%. 

                      The scientific work at the faculty is aimed at solving urgent problems at macro and micro levels, the introduction of scientific developments in the educational process and the training of scientific and pedagogical staff. It is a key means of improving the quality of training specialists, expanding their professional outlook, ability to solve complex theoretical and practical tasks independently, constantly deepen their knowledge, continuously learn and perfect themselves.

          The professorial staff of the faculty in the scientific work has significant achievements. Thus, the results of scientific studies of teachers are discussed at conferences, published in scientific journals. It is already traditional to hold conferences, seminars, round tables at faculty departments.

                      Scientific work of students  is the preparation of scientific reports, abstracts, publication of articles in collections of scientific works, participation in All-Ukrainian students’ olympiads  and  scientific students’ conferences.

More than 70% of the students of the faculty take an active part in scientific work. There are student scientific circles  on the basis of departments.

             Our students are the winners of regional, interregional, All-Ukrainian and International contests of scientific works, diploma works of specialist and master's degree, university and All-Ukrainian Olympiads.

                     International cooperation.

         Students' training is constantly  improved at the faculty through collaboration with leading domestic and foreign enterprises, educational institutions and scientific institutions. Students have the opportunity to take internships at prestigious overseas schools and participate in student mobility  programs and receive dual master's degrees. In particular, cooperation with the Higher Technical School Lippe (Germany), the Union of Bridges in Ukraine (Germany), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Southern Wielkopolski (Poland), the Lublin Polytechnic University of Lublin (Poland), the Institute of International Relations of the State Higher School East European in Przemysl (Poland), University of the School of SolluzianSarria (Barcelona, ??Spain), Svencotchinsky Technological University (Kielce, Poland) and others.

         The educational work, which is conducted at the faculty, ensures the development of the student's personality, his/her self-improvement and self-realization on the basis of actualization of spiritual and moral, intellectual and cultural values, formation of an active civil position.

                    The important tasks of the faculty team for the future are:

- ensuring an adequate quality of education, increasing the competitiveness of graduates, which is possible due to the high professionalism of teachers;

- formation of scientific schools for the solution of actual problems;

- further development of international cooperation for the purpose of conducting joint seminars, round tables, conferences, as well as student mobility;

- ensuring the proper level of studying foreign languages ??for the development of professional language competences of students and their effective functioning in the cultural diversity of the educational and professional environment;

- deepening cooperation with local authorities and business entities through initiation of joint scientific and technical and information activities on current problems. 

There are 4 departments at the faculty: