Horizons of Science

Research work of LNTU teachers and students forms the basis of instruction and education, it is the ground of their constant intellectual growth and training specialists of world standards. The main tasks of it are:
- to ensure unity of science, production and instruction;
- to direct fundamental and applied researches at decision of topical problems of the market economy, regional power supply, working out  modern technologies and machine design;
- to provide close and fruitful co-operation with institutions of Ukrainian National Academy of Science and branch academies;
- to develop international scientific and technical co-operation, to extend integration processes;
- to improve the work of scientific schools, the system of training young scientists – masters, candidates and doctors of science.

Fundamental investigations of the most important problems of natural science, public science and the humanities, working out power supply technologies for power engineering, industry and agriculture are carried out by scientific groups in such main trends: Economics (heads: Doctors of Economics, professors Z.V.Herasymchuk, L.H. Lipych); Mechanics (heads: Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, prof. V.M.Maksymovych, Doctors of Technical Science, prof. V.V.Bozhydarnik, V.I.Shvabiuk); Machine-building (Doctors of Technical Science, professors H.A. Khailis, V.F. Didukh, V.D.Rud); Physics and Technical Problems of Materials Science (Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, prof. A.V.Fedosov, Doctor of Technical Science, prof.Y.H.Bobro); Environmental Engineering (Doctor of Geography, prof.Y.O.Molchak).

Rapid development of scientific schools helps to train competitive graduates and to raise professional level of the staff. There are such schools as: agricultural machine-building (heads: H.A. Khailis, V.F.Didukh); mechanics of deformative solid-state matter (V.Maksymovych); regional economy (Z.V.Herasymchuk) at the University.
Great attention is being paid to training of scientific and pedagogical personnel: 10 Doctor’s and nearly 150 Candidate’s theses were defended. The Post-graduate and Doctorate Courses are established. There are two Specialized Academic Councils – the first one for conferring Doctor’s (Candidate’s) Degree in Technical Science – speciality “Mechanics of deformative solid-state matter” and the second – for conferring Candidate’s Degree in Technical Science – speciality “Materials Science”.

The history of Post-graduate courses dates back to October 1, 1991. Doctorate Courses were opened in 2003. Today the number of Post-graduates and Aspirants is 114 people, who are engaged in 23 specialities. Forty two Scientific Advisors supervise post-graduates’ researches.

Eighty seven former post-graduates became Candidates of Science. We are proud of  Doctors of Economics Z.Herasymchuk, O.Yevtukh, L.Antoniuk.

The University has the Specialized Academic Councils on defending theses of Doctor of Technical Science – in speciality “Mechanics of deformative solid-state matter”, headed by the Rector, Professor V.Bozhydarnik.
Post-graduate and Doctorate Courses greatly contribute to the preparing of highly qualified teachers of the University. Scientific laboratories, faculties, departments, educational and scientific institutions of the region are headed by graduates of the courses.

Specialities of the Post-graduate course:
 Mechanics of deformative solid-state matter
 Farm equipment
 Applied geometry and engineering drawing
 Powder metallurgy and composite materials
 Commodities research of industrial goods
 Buildings, structures, erections
 Economics, organization and management of enterprises
 Productive forces allocation and regional economy
 Electrotechnical complexes and systems
 Organization of management, planning and regulation of economy
 Mechanical treatment processes, machine-tools and instruments.
 Structural mechanics
 Metal science and heat treatment of metals
 Instruments and methods of electrical and magnetic values measuring
 Mechanical engineering
 Physics of semiconductors and dielectrics
 Motor cars and tractors
19.  Automated production control
20.  Dynamics and strength of mechanisms
21.  Materials science
22.  Economic theory
23.  Accounting, analysis and auditing

The teaching staff of LNTU is actively working at editing scientific and methodical literature. The organization of the editorial publishing office assists these activities. 27 monographs and text-books, nearly 600 scientific and 1000 methodical works were published in 2004 only. Scientists of  LNTU receive 25-30 patents for inventions and useful models annually.

Lately LNTU has organized 7 international conferences on topical problems of mechanics, materials science, agriculture, energy saving, regional economy, accounting and auditing. Ukrainian and foreign scholars took part in their work.

The University issues the specialized collected articles “Scientific notes” in “Engineering mechanics”, collected articles “Agricultural machines” in “Technical Science” and collected articles “Economic Science”.