Larysa Tykha

Name, surname: Larysa Tykha

Academic degree: Doctor of philosophy

Position: Associate Рrofessor of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department  


Research interests: Ukrainian language stylistics, Ukrainian language culture, word in artistic text

Courses taught: business Ukrainian, media literacy

Membership: Member of the Specialized Academic Council K 32.051.02 with the right to accept and conduct defense of dissertations for obtaining a scientific degree of the candidate of philological sciences on the specialty 10.02.01 - Ukrainian language.

Publications: the author of 37 scientific publications




1. Tykha L.(2014), Semantics of color in poetic texts of Vasyl Goloborodka. Typology and functions of linguistic units, 2, P. 285-262.


2. Tykha L. (2014) Comparison as a sign of poetry by Vasyl Goloborodka. Scientific journal of the National Pedagogical University by the name of M.Drahomanov, Series 8. Philological sciences, Vol. 5, P. 218-224.


3. Tykha L. (2015) Figurative means of poetry of Vasyl Goloborodko. Linguistic Studies,Vol.2, P.204-210.


4. Tykha L.(2016) Metaphoric prose by Volodymyr  Lys (on the material of the novel "Country of bitter tenderness"). Typology and functions of linguistic units,1, P.166-173.