Doctor in Law,  Professor 
Yana Lenher
+38 (0332) 74-61-34


Welcome to the Web Page of the Lifelong Learning Centre!

By order № 394-04-33 from July 1, 2016, the Lifelong Learning Unit of Lutsk NTU was renamed into the Lifelong Learning Centre (LLC).

The Centre aims at providing a lineal communication of all education sectors and a development of the individual in an information society.

At present the Centre offers a wide range of activities in the following areas:

  • courses and seminars in the 'Vocational Development Workshop';
  • language courses;
  • preparatory department for foreigners;
  • preparatory courses for applicants;
  • certification training.

 Head of the LLC - Doctor in Law, Professor Yana Lenher 

Chief Expert - Nina Tuchak
Chief Expert - Tamara Maksymchuk
Chief Expert - Vita Kniaz
Expert (Category I) - Oksana Klymovets



tel.: +38 (0332) 74-61-34;

(050) 438-03-08.

Our address:

Lvivska st. 75, Building A, r. 405

Lutsk 43018