Acting Dean:
Ph.D., Associate Professor 
Igor Tsyz 
+38(0332) 74-61-31 
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There are 5 departments at the faculty: 
Field of Study 13 - 'Mechanical Engineering'
133 - 'Industrial Machinery Engineering';
Field of Study 18 - 'Manufacturing and Technology'
181 - 'Food Technology';
182 - 'Consumer Industry Technologies';
Field of Study 20 - 'Agricultural Science and Food'
205 - 'Forestry';
208 - 'Agricultural Engineering';
Field of Study 27 - 'Transport Services'
274 - 'Motor Vehicle Transport';
275 - 'Transport Technology'.



 For the educational process and scientific work, the faculty is equipped with 35 laboratories and auditoriums, with a total area of ??about two thousand square meters, equipped with modern equipment of well-known domestic and foreign firms.


                      The basic laboratories of the faculty:


 Lab 20 (Department of Automobile and Transport Technologies). The Iaboratory works are conducted on disciplines "Technical Operation of Cars", "Special course", "Repair and Maintenance of Vehicles" in the lab. The diagnostics of internal combustion engines, headlights, gasoline engine testing and adjustment for the minimum toxicity of exhaust gases, adjustment of the angles of steering wheel installation, diagnostics of technical condition and maintenance of devices for ignition and electrical equipment, as well as other works are carried out. For carrying out of these works the laboratory is equipped with domestic and foreign (BOSCH, Novator) measuring devices and stands.The student design and technical office has been created and it operates  on the basis of the laboratory, which serves as a place of practice for students studying at the department and college students at  Lutsk NTU.


Lab 25 (Department of Automobile and Transport Technologies), "Automobile Engines". The removal of idle speed characteristics, speed, loading and adjustment characteristics of gasoline and diesel engines, as well as practical classes on the discipline "Fuel equipment" are carried out in this lab.


The laboratory is equipped with two test benches for engines, one of which is the gasoline engine of the MeMZ-245, and the other - a diesel engine D-240, devices for measuring the fuel, air, emissions, exhaust emissions, noise and vibration of the engines.

The laboratory is constantly used for  scientific work, as well as a student research circle for the study of internal combustion engines.  


Lab 154 (Department ECS AIC), "Designing machines for livestock mechanization". The laboratory holds classes on the subjects  "Mechanization of livestock" and "Designing machines for the mechanization of livestock". The laboratory is equipped with stands for repair and maintenance of various units and aggregates of machines for mechanization of animal husbandry, models of mechanisms, posters.

During classes, students disassemble and collect units of agricultural machines, carry out various measurements and calculations, becoming acquainted this way with the structure and design of agricultural machines. The lecture course is read  with the help of  modern computer technologies.

Lab 158 (Department ECS AIC), "Interchange, standardization and technical measurements". The laboratory is equipped with instruments for measuring and controlling linear, angular dimensions, as well as parameters of gear wheels, threaded products, surface roughness and thickness of the protective coating.   

Among the available equipment  for the educational process we have  a large instrumental microscope, a device for measuring the beating of the toothed crown of cylindrical and conical toothed wheels of 6-11 degrees of accuracy, magnetic thickness GSP MT-41 NC and device for monitoring surface roughness - profile meter.


Lab 365 (Department of ECS AIC ), "Technologies of cultivation and processing of agricultural land. products ". Laboratory classes on the subjects "Primary processing and preservation of agricultural products", "General technology of food production."  are held in this lab. The laboratory has about 20 positions of laboratory equipment and instruments.

Lab 131 (Department of  ECS AIC ), "Tractors and cars". Laboratory classes on the subjects "Operation and maintenance of machines", "Tractors and cars", "Automated work of agricultural machines" are conducted in this lab. The laboratory is equipped with stands of real engines of agricultural tractors and cars, as well as main units and aggregates of these machines.


scientific research laboratory "Mechanics of agricultural materials and environments"  is  used  for the  implementation  of scientific researches of  talanted  students, graduate students and postgraduate students at the Department of  ECS AIC. This laboratory (auditorium 360) is equipped with modern computers and measuring equipment, etc.


Lab 147 (department of technologies and equipment of processing enterprises), "Technological equipment of food production". The laboratory is equipped with operating machines for grinding grain, sifting, producing groats, a dough mixer, etc. Laboratory work on disciplines: "Technological equipment of food production", "Exploitation of technological equipment", "Technological equipment of baking and fermentation productions", "Installation, diagnostics and repair of technological equipment"  is carried out in this lab. At classes, students study the structure and operation of equipment, basic regulations, rules, conditions of operation and installation of machines.


Lab 238 (Department of Technologies and Equipment of Processing Enterprises), "General technologies of food production". Laboratory lessons on subjects "General technology of food industries and technology of the industry", "Fundamentals of primary cultivation and preservation of crop production", "Fundamentals of scientific research" are conducted in this lab. The laboratory is equipped with instruments for grain sampling for laboratory analysis, determination of gluten, grain moisture, milk, cream, dough, etc.


Lab 256 (Department of Technologies and Equipment of Processing Enterprises), "Computer modeling of food industry equipment". The laboratory holds classes on subjects "Automation of production processes", "Modern information technologies of food production", "Mathematical modeling of engineering tasks in PCs", "Fundamentals of computer-aided design", "Computer modeling in mechanical engineering".


Lab 113 (Department of Industrial Engineering). Laboratory classes on discipline "Hydraulics of a hydraulic and pneumatic actuator" are held in this lab. The laboratory hosts installations for checking the basic equation of hydrostatics, the Bernoulli equation, to determine the Reynolds number, the hydraulic resistance coefficients, and also stands of various hydraulic aggregates.     

Lab 28 (Department of Industrial Engineering). Laboratory classes on disciplines "Mechanical technology and equipment of enterprises" and "Materials science in industry". are conducted in this lab.  In the laboratory there are stands with knots and units of sewing machines, posters of mechanisms of sewing machines.


Lab 21 (Department of Industrial Engineering). Laboratory and practical classes on disciplines "Household machines and appliances" and "Technology repair equipment industry." are held in this lab. In the laboratory there are stands with various knots and aggregates of household machines, models of mechanisms, posters, modern washing machines and refrigerators.


Lab 1P (Department of Industrial Engineering). Laboratory of woodworking technology. The laboratory holds classes on "Technology of Woodworking" and "Theory and Design of Woodworking Equipment". The laboratory  includes woodworking machines, facing press, sawmill frame, benches for laboratory works, posters.

During the classes, students study technology of woodworking, determine the parameters of technological processes, perform technological operations on wood processing.


Lab 2P (Department of Machine-building Industry). Laboratory of Logging Technology and Forestry. The laboratory holds classes on "Technology of logging and forestry" and "Technological equipment of logging and forestry". The laboratory includes technological equipment for logging and forestry, stands for laboratory works, posters.


The students of the faculty have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest models of technology.


Students and postgraduates of the faculty have a library with three reading rooms, halls  for course and diploma design, specialized computer classes and multimedia rooms.

There are 4 student’s design and technology bureaus in the faculty that deal with scientific and technical developments in the field of repair, maintenance, operation of motor transport, computer programs, training databases, information networks and manufacturing of products for industrial, technical and economic purposes.




          The training of specialists  at the faculty is carried out according to curricula that fully correspond to the state and modern European higher education standards developed within the Bologna process. All the students of the faculty are completely provided  with educational and methodological literature. The  teachers of the faculty are the authors of textbooks and manuals recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for implementation in the educational process in higher educational institutions of Ukraine.


Teachers and students of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty are actively engaged in research work, which is one of the components of the faculty's activities. This is evidenced by their numerous participation in international, all-Ukrainian scientific and scientific-practical conferences, symposiums, round tables and All-Ukrainian youth competitions.

          The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering supports the existing and expanding scientific and educational links with leading educational institutions of the near and far abroad. Our partners are: Lublin Polytechnic; High School East Westphalia-Lippe, Lemgo; Union of Bridges in Ukraine, Bad Salzuflen; leading universities in England, Hungary, Bulgaria and Belarus. Students of the faculty receive double diplomas: Lutsk NTU and corresponding foreign institutions. Our students have the opportunity to do practical training, internships and semester studies at various foreign universities. 


                                  STUDENTS AND GRADUATES

The high quality of educational programs and innovative methods of teaching disciplines at the faculty are evidenced by numerous prize-winning places of the students of the International Monetary Fund at international, all-Ukrainian student olympiads, contests of scientific works  with  numerous certificates,diplomas and thanksgiving.

Today, graduates of the faculty are the heads of the university's departments and leading lecturers of different departments of  Lutsk NTU. In addition, our graduates   are heads of small and private enterprises, chief specialists, heads of various units of leading enterprises in Lutsk and Volyn Oblast.

Among our graduates: Prydiuk Valentyn -  Deputy Dean of the  Faculty, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Murovanyi Igor - the Head of one of the Leading Departments, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate  Professor; Golovachuk Igor - Head of one of  the Leading Departments, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Puts Vitaliy – the  Head   of one of the Leading  Departments, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Dudariev Igor - Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Taraimovych Iryna - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Tsyz Igor - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Stelmashchuk Valerii - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Tolstushko Mykola - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor; Lytvynenko Andrii - Deputy Director of the Company "Modern-Expo"; Golii Oleksandr - Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher, Head of the Department of Economic Analysis of Volyn State Agricultural Research Station of the Institute of Agriculture of Western Polissya of Ukraine, Yurii Filoniuk – the Director  "Agropromtorg", etc.




The basis of  morale building  activities  at the faculty is the implementation of the concept about  national education of a young person with an active life position. The main priorities here are the involvement of students in national-patriotic events and actions of the university, organization of meetings with famous scientists and public figures, etc.

For activation of students and their  participation in creative artistic and sports teams  of the University, such forms of education as lectures, conversations, disputes, creative evenings, cultural tours to theaters, museums, sports events ( hiking trips) are used.

The work of groups, studios, artistic groups, brass band, dance ensembles, etc., makes it possible to organize leisure activities for students of the faculty.

Great responsibility in the educational process lies with the curators of academic groups, whose purpose is to create moral, psychological and organizational conditions for the self-development of the student's personality, the cultivation of cultural, highly skilled specialists, taking into account their individual inclinations, psychophysiological and intellectual abilities.

Students of the faculty take an active part in competitions, festivals, as well as sports events of different levels.