Adviser to the head of Volyn Regional State Administration offered cooperation to the students of Lutsk National Technical University


      Adviser to the head of  Volyn Regional State Administration offered cooperation to the students of Lutsk National Technical University

           Valerii Krivorig, an advisor to the head of Volyn Oblast State Administration, met with students and faculty members of the Faculty of Construction and Design, whose goal is to develop joint creative projects in the field of construction, architecture and design on September 13, in the walls of  Lutsk National Technical University,   .

         Also the Director of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of Volyn Regional State Administration Mykola Tomchuk and the graduate of  Lutsk NTU, Deputy Director of the Department of Infrastructure and Tourism of the Regional State Administration Viktor Dovgopolyuk  were present among guests.

       First of all, the dean of the the Faculty of Construction and Design, Olexandr Bondarskyi, emphasized that this event is extremely important and interesting for the applicants of education who, despite the mastering of their speciality, will be able to use it in practice. "Today, our goal is to listen carefully to Mr. Valerii and  begin to fulfill the tasks that he will make known to us. Probably, we will consider  those works, that you make, as practical. You, as the authors of these projects, will have real  ideas  that are embodied in reality. This is an invaluable experience for you and for the university ", - added Mr. Olexandr.

         Therefore, the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk NTU Serhii Shymchuk noted with pleasure that the Faculty of Construction and Design gathered for a meeting practically in full: "We are here for one simple reason. In our region, there are some problems with construction, and there is our primary  faculty that can partly contribute to their solution. The purpose of our meeting is to work fruitfully, because all this needs to be solved not only by scientific methods, but also by real effective methods. Already in the near future they will bring both benefits and profits on mutually beneficial terms. So, students, join the discussion, get a new experience; Scientists, look  where you can be useful. We  must work constructively to solve urgent problems in the region. "

        In his turn, Valerii Krivorig shared with the audience  his  short biography. So, by February 2017, he served as the head of the property department at  Kyiv administration. Then he worked as a deputy mayor of the capital construction of  Fastiv City Council. From March 26 he has been  adviser to the head of  Volyn Regional State Administration.

        "My main job is to be responsible for construction, roads, utilities, economics, and so on. In my life, I have already built a lot of kilometers of roads and square meters of real estate. Unfortunately, in Volyn  there is no one to work with, although there are ideas, opportunities ", - said the adviser of  the head. He added that in two or three years it is planned to upgrade the main transport routes of  Volyn region. Moreover, he said that existing immovable objects in the overwhelming majority are  "soviet" and have lack of  a fresh, creative designer-architectural view. He promised  remuneration for the objects realized in the future. He also announced the investment business forum Volyn-Invest 2018, which would  take place in Lutsk on September 21, urging students to join volunteers.