"Colors of design": an exhibition of 70 color shades in Lutsk NTU

    "Colors of design":  an exhibition of 70 color  shades    in Lutsk NTU 

On December 18, an art event "Colors of Design" was held in the walls of  Lutsk National Technical University   (II floor of the building "A"), where teachers with students presented an exhibition  of  70  color shades.  The organizers of the event were the University teacher of the Department of Design and Architecture Didukh Anna Sergiivna together with the students-designers of the groups D-11 and D-12. In addition, Viktoriia Rainysh from the D-41 group developed a model part. 

The event was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Construction and Design of Lutsk NTU Oleksandr Bondarskyi: "Today is another interesting event in the life of our University. The Department of Design and Architecture, while continuing its development and moving forward, once again delights us with an interesting, original action. This exhibition is intended to teach the world around us. We see a list of 70 unique shades of colors. This event would not have taken place, of course, without students and, of course, their artistic director - Anna Didukh, who will present this year her  second exhibition, and on December 20 -  the third. All the congratulations on today's pleasant event and creative success, designers - you are on the high! ".

 Valentyn Talakh, the Vice-Rector of scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk National Technical  University, came to the artistic event, stressing that designers  always pleasantly surprise   educators with their work. "Today's event is not a surprise to me, because I know that before any serious holiday, the Department of Design and Architecture prepares us for a pleasant surprise: creative, unusual and useful! Of course, I understand that designers will not be particularly surprised at  the 70 shades. However, what we see today is a very positive, inspiring mood. So, students, I wish you a light session, and life in general  as diverse as bright as what you have presented to us today. With coming holidays, God forbid, if everything succeeded! "Valentyn Ivanovych appealed to the audience.

Oksana Pasichnyk, the Head of the Department of Design and Architecture, added that the students were fortunate, because they got into very good hands of Anna Sergiivna, who recharged others with inspiration and creativity. 

   Information Department ( Lutsk NTU )