Eco-exhibition at Lutsk NTU

Eco-exhibition  at  Lutsk NTU


As a part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Ecology, Tourism and Electrical Engineering at   Lutsk NTU, the staff of the Department of Tourism and Hotel and Catering Industry  initiated the photo exhibition "Tsuman Pushcha in the Lens of Andrii Ostapenko".

The workers and the students of FETEE, the workers of Kivertsi National Nature Park "Tsuman Pushcha", the Vice-Rectors  of  Lutsk NTU Valentyn Talakh and Sergii  Shymchuk, the Dean of FETEE Vladyslav Volynets, the Rector of   Lutsk NTU  Petro Savchuk, and the author of the exhibition, Andrii Ostapenko, visited  the event.     

The goal of the event was to highlight the natural heritage of Ukraine, attract young people to preserve and protect the environment, attract the attention of society to the problems of the extinction of animal and plant species diversity and the global reduction of water resources.

Andrii Ostapenko   informed   the   audience about the idea of ​​the photo exhibition, its mission and the history of creation. "This project started 10 years ago. I love nature very much, I love to admire it, I love to fix it in pictures. When I got into  Tsuman Pushcha Reserve, I immediately realized that this beauty should be shown to everyone. Even for those who can not visit it and see it with their own eyes. So I decided to do photo exhibitions. Eventually, these exhibitions began to carry a socially important mission: to attract young people to the problems of nature conservation, because it is so beautiful that we have such places where you can  rest  and recharge your batteries with energy, "- said the photographer. 

At the end of the event, the Rector of   Lutsk NTU, Petro Savchuk, thanked Andrii Ostapenko for the right thing to do with the education of conscious young people, and the employees of Tsuman  Pushcha for fruitful long-term cooperation with the University and involving our students in such an important mission.

   Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University