Education World Wide: Pamukkale University Students Were Presented Certificates of Education in Lutsk NTU

Education World Wide: Pamukkale University Students Were Presented Certificates of Education in Lutsk NTU

On June 19, students from Pamukkale University (Turkey), who studied in Lutsk National Technical University, were officially awarded the certificates.

First and foremost, the rector of the university, Petro Savchuk, introduced all those present at the event: students of the Lutsk NTU Olha Fylyniuk and Yuliana Valetska; students of the Turkish alma mater Arslan Yesim, Guldogan Berkay, Abaci Canberk, and Yucesoy Ekrem; Dean of the Business Faculty Nadiia Khvyshchun; the teachers of the faculty Svitlana Sydoruk, Iryna Abramova, Natalia Vavdiiuk and the newly elected head of the Lutsk NTU Student Council Iryna Lysyk.

'The stability of our cooperation with the Turkish Pamukkale University is an extremely important point for us. Turkey is a country with high European standards in education, a very powerful economy, and motivated students. Therefore, I am grateful to my colleagues who support our cooperation, and, of course, I thank the international students for their visit to Ukraine. I congrate you all on receiving certificates. You proved to be very capable and well educated. I hope that in the near future I will visit your higher education institution', - said the head of the Lutsk NTU.

Afterwards, the rector gave the floor to the dean of the Business Faculty Nadiia Khvyshchun: 'It is a big pleasure for us to deliver certificates of education to the international students at the Business Faculty, Management Department, for the second time already. Firstly, I would like to give the floor to our two students who completed their studies at the Pamukkale University and returned to Lutsk a week ago.'

It is worth recalling that a qualifying competition for studying abroad under the Erasmus+ program took place in December 2017. According to the results of the test and interview, two students of the Business Faculty were selected: Olha Fylyniuk and Yuliana Valetska. They have already completed a 4-month study at Pamukkale University (Denizli city) so far.

Thus, Olha Fylyniuk shared her impressions of the trip: 'I am very happy for such an opportunity as studying in Turkey. I am sincerely grateful to the rector, Petro Savchuk, the dean of the Business Faculty, Nadiia Khvyshchun, who informed us about this chance. I believe, many new friends I have made there will retain as such for a lifetime. I hope, our university will have even more opportunities for every student to get such an experience of studying abroad. This is really a great experience, thanks to the Erasmus+ program.' 

Yuliana Valetska added that we should not be afraid of new discoveries: 'You know, I have always had a dream of studying abroad. It has come true owing to the Lutsk NTU and the Business Faculty. It was an incredible experience. Furthermore, it radically changed my life. I have found many friends from all over the world. I was impressed by a beautiful Turkish culture. I wish every student of our HEI could have courage to go for new discoveries and learn a foreign language.'

Head of the Management Department Nataliia Vavdiiuk, who arranged the studying process for Turkish students at the Lutsk NTU, also sincerely thanked for this experience and cooperation: 'Dear students, I am happy to be your teacher and a part of your life. I hope, you improved your knowledge here. I also want to thank Petro Savchuk, who signed a very important agreement at one time, thanks to which we are sitting at one table today. The harmonious work of all of our structural units proves unanimity in achieving the goals of European integration.'

Nadiia Khvyshchun added that mobility under the Erasmus+ program took place within the framework of inter-institutional agreements. So, from May 29 to June 2, two teachers from the Turkish University came to Lutsk NTU: Nilg?n Kabay and Sevilay ?etin. Thus, the educators conducted an 8-hour series of lectures for bachelor and master students of the Faculty of Technology on the topics: 'Materials for Biomedical Chemistry' and 'Microelectronics'.

After having exchanging warm impressions among teachers and international students, rector Petro Savchuk presented the certificates of education.


Oleksandra Mistiuk, Information Department at Lutsk NTU

Anna Verbytska (translation), the International Relations Office

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