An excursion to "Modern-Expo Group" for the students of Lutsk NTU

An excursion to  "Modern-Expo Group"  for the students of Lutsk NTU

The students  of the IM-21 group, under  the  supervision  of the teachers from the  Applied Mechanics Department ( Lutsk National Technical University), visited   "Modern-Expo"- one of    Volyn   largest   companies on April 24, 2019. This company is a leading manufacturer and a supplier of trading equipment in Central and Eastern Europe, whose enterprises are also located in Verkhniodniprovsk, Lublin, Vitebsk, Berlin, Paris, Dubai. 

An excursion started from the conference hall, where Olga Balda (  the employee of the HR department of the company) made a presentation. She presented  the history of  the creation and the structure of the company, products and the  invention  of the creative ideas, which in the future will change our life for  better (new stores with developed artificial intelligence).

So, the acquaintance with the enterprise for our students was conducted by the senior assistant of the marketing department - creative Viktoriia Khirova. A combination of modern production conditions and an approach to working conditions  emphasize the company's name  properly. The peculiarity of the organization is the provision of  the recreation areas for the workers, even directly in the workshops. Also, the mechanization of production, the area of ​​workshops, modern equipment and the quality of production  are fascinated.

At the end, the visitors were able to get acquainted with the finished products of "Modern-Expo" in the exhibition hall. They saw trade and warehouse shelving, various showcases, cash boxes, refrigeration equipment and stainless steel equipment  among  the  main company’s products.

So, the students of the Department had an opportunity to get acquainted with production, equipment and  manufacturing technology of the company, distinguished by exceptional quality, excellent performance, ergonomics and safety.  We  are  grateful to the  management   of  the  company "Modern-Expo" for  the effective organization and cooperation.   


І. Erifavi, lab. assistant at the Department of Applied Mechanics