Faculty of Construction and Design joined the Contest-Festival "Volyn Kniazhna 2019"

Faculty of Construction and Design joined the Contest-Festival "Volyn Kniazhna  2019" 


The traditional   annual   Contest-Festival  “Volyn Kniazhna  2019”  took place  on  May 26, 2019  in  Lutsk castle. Students and professors   of   Lutsk   NTU   ( the Department  of   Design and Architecture ), as sponsors and co-organizers (under the supervision  of   the Deputy Dean of the СDF  O. Prystupa), actively participated in the celebration. The creative locations were organized, united by the general idea "Implement  your dream with the Department of Design" from 12.00 a.m.  to 7.00. p.m. Visitors  could  try  themselves  as  artists and designers, take part in various master classes and workshops.   

 The largest number of  guests   visited  the location "Draw your dream" from the first-year students - designers under the supervision  of  the  Associate  Professor. N. Skliarenko.  And the students of  AM-11 group together with the curator I. Abramiuk, who bought and prepared air balloons, helped to implement  this idea.  Everyone could draw  his/her  dream! The balls, branded with the logo of the  Design and Architecture Department, were given   to  all the participants    of   the master classes. As noted by the Head of the Department, Associate Professor. O. Pasichnyk, this event was a good opportunity for career - guidance.          

  The  master  class "Decoration of plates" (supervisor O. Romaniuk) gathered  children and parents. From the individual elements they designed the castle of their own dreams. Children received   the decorated dishes as a gift. Visitors with children had the opportunity to build a city of their dreams, painted their own house, and stick it in the territory of an improvised city (supervisor  Z. Ruban).

The location of "Henna Tattoo", organized by senior students, had a  great popularity. Modern  tattoos were performed by V.  Ilchuk.

Students of the Department of Design and Architecture D. Bereziuk and I. Stelmakh staged an exhibition-sale of Volyn folk authentic instruments.    

On the territory of the Castle  Liubart   there  were artistic  plein-air  sessions  under the leadership of Y. Bondarchuk and Z. Ruban. Students of the Design and Architecture  Department   made sketches of the architectural and natural motifs of the ancient castle, demonstrating the high level of training.   

The Department of Design organized interesting exhibitions of students’  works on drawing and painting decorating the territory of the castle. We are very grateful  to all the students and  professors  who have  helped   to  organize and  host the event!  

Lutsk NTU also presented a 3-meter model of the bridge under the project  by  Leonardo da Vinci (performers D. Kysliuk, V. Samchuk, R. Pasichnyk on the initiative of the Head of the Department O. Uzhehova), which passed the test of strength with adults and children. Possibilities of the material  were studied on the example of  kinetic sand, which attracted many people with  its structure and plasticity. True architectural masterpieces are the result of the work of small builders! The professional achievements of the students  could be seen on the model of the historical-cultural reserve "Old Lutsk", executed   under  the  supervision  of  B. Boiarchuk.

The  dean  O.  Bondarskyi  became a participant of  many master classes and visited all locations of the Faculty. He sincerely thanked all the professors  and students.  Many  visiters  have received a lot of bright positive emotions!

Deputy Dean of the  CDF O. Prystupa

Associate Professor N. Skliarenko