The first 100 days of Iryna Vakhovych's rectorship

The first 100 days of Iryna Vakhovych's rectorship

The first 100 days of Iryna Vakhovych's rectorship began on December 2, 2020. Since the first female rector was elected, Lutsk National Technical University changed its vector. Iryna Vakhovych has the intention to run this university innovation-based development way in Volyn.

She is a strong, determined, intelligent and extraordinary person who demonstrates good work and good results.  She has already several years of practice in management, work with authorities and partnership. All the experience she gained as a chairman of the Volyn Regional Council.

Iryna Vakhovych is the only female Rector of the Technical University in Ukraine. Today she speaks about her first results, professional and personal priorities, goals, principles and prospects for the development of Lutsk NTU.

 - What is the most common question you hear at work?

 - "May I come in?"

 - What did you do first when got the results of the rector's election?

 - I shook Nadia Kovalchuk and Iryna Kaminska’s hands and shouted happily: "We won!".  Then I texted those supported me. The phone was ringing off the hook! Ihor Palitsa and Stepan Ivakhiv called me and congratulated me first. I do not want to disappoint the colleagues and do not to be disappointed.

-What have you achieved for these 100 days of rectorship, are there any results?

 -Of course! We changed the structure and the management team of the university.  A new start for a new university!

We prepared and won a project for the construction of the stadium and the modernization of the sports complex.  The total project budget is UAH 19 million.  We thank head of the regional state administration - Yuriy Pohulyayko, his deputy - Ihor Chulipa and the head of the department - Veronika Balbuza for supporting the project at the regional and national levels.  The chairman of the regional council - Hryhoriy Nedopad and the deputies of the regional council provided co-financing, Nadiya Kovalchuk and Serhiy Savchuk worked on the project.


We also started the project and created an innovative infrastructure facility "SMART Volyn Hub".  This project was submitted with the Volyn Regional State Administration and included to the President's program “Great Construction.  We were supported by Vyacheslav Rublev, the Ministry of Community and Territorial Development, our friends and our university team - Nadia Kovalchuk, Julia Volynchuk, Alla Szymanska, etc.  Co-financing of this project is provided by Igor Polishchuk and his team at Lutsk City Territorial Community.

We are working on the State Investment Project for repairs and restoration on the Officers' House. It is going to be an interactive space for education and science.  All our deputies support this project.  We also got too many letters of support and now are working on the following strategic steps.

 - The difficulties are you faced with?

 -There are lots of them, but we can solve everything.  I personally, feel the lack of time.

 -What are you: a scientist or a manager?

 -Both.  For a long time I have been a chairman of the Regional Council, but now I come back to science. I work with graduate students, we do the researches, write articles.  It is necessary to set good examples. Frankly speaking, the management process takes a lot of time, so sometimes I have to work more.

 -How do you achieve your goals and what are your life principles?

 - Everything I have achieved is only because of much and hard work.  Faith and work are the two principles in life.

 -Do you have your own special method of influence?

 -I am a straightforward person.  I do not like irresponsibility, populism, laziness and unprofessionalism. The most effective way to get good results and is a smile. 

- What is a strategy in management?  Is it better to make spontaneous or well thought out decisions?

 - The main thing is time.  So, it is necessary to think well over and wasting no time just act. I do not like to squander resources.  I always work on big projects with motivated and active people.  

 -How much time do you need to make decisions?

 -It depends on facts and reasons

- How do you solve the conflicts in the team?

 - We always try to resolve conflicts wisely.  Sometimes it is not easy to find the balance between different approaches and views. If you work hard, see the results, control every stage, form and implement serious projects - you know what decision is right.

-Who works better: men and women? 

 -I do not evaluate people by gender. I love and respect smart, pragmatic, intelligent and professional people.  I admire these people.

-Do you have any strategic advisors or spiritual mentors who can influence your decisions?

 - I feel that someone leads me and it is like a higher power that helps me in life.  I keep in touch with the abbot of the Zydychyn Monastery - Archimandrite Konstantin and Bishop Mykhailo. They inspire and support me.

 - How to get inspired?

 -I find inspiration in other people and their support.  It always encourages me.

 -What character traits in yourself do you dislike and what are you proud of?

 -I am very self-critical.  Sometimes I am impatient and inflammatory and I do not like it. My parents raised me to be a good person.  So, kindness is the main important trait of character.

 -Would you like to change something in your life?

 -Every day we have new desires: spiritual, material, personal.  Sometimes we focus on things that are not important or can change…  Let happen whatever would happen!

 -What are your priorities in life?

 -Like most women, I combine work and family life.  My priorities are relatives, work, friends and leisure time.  Now, our common and essential priority is to ensure the development of LNTU.  I like to travel and laugh in great company.

- Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 -I see a happy person who lives among contented people, and Lutsk NTU is a real pole of growth in Volyn!