The fourth contest for young scientists started in Ukraine

The    fourth   contest   for  young  scientists  started  in Ukraine

The fourth  competition for the scientific projects of young scientists has already started, - states  the website of the Ministry of Education and Science  of Ukraine  in   July 15, 2019.

 In general,  256 such projects were supported before, with almost 130 million UAH invested. The MESU  plans to invest  100 million  UAN   in this area   till  2020  to continue financing  the previous works  and   support    the winners of this year's contest.  

Participation in the competition can be  carried  out  by young scientists who work or study at Universities or scientific institutions subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. 3 such competitions were held  in  2016-2018. In 2016   79 projects were funded within it, in 2017 - 123, and 2018 - 54. Some of these projects have already been completed, while some are still being implemented.

In  2019  75 million  UAH were  invested in this contest,  23 of them went to finance the winners of 2018 (they started to run in 2019), and 52 million UAH -  to continue the work that had been started earlier. By 2020  it is planned to bring the budget of the contest up to  100 million UAH. 

This year's first stage of the competition - selection of projects at the level of Universities and research institutions  will last from July 15 to September 9.

The project must have a runtime of up to 3 years. Its supervisor must either be a candidate of  sciences under the age of 35, or a doctoral student (doctor of sciences) under the age of 40. The maximum age of performers is 35 years.

The works for the competition are accepted in 11 areas that are in line with the priorities of the EU program for research and innovation "Horizon 2020".    

The  projects selected at the level of Universities or research institutions are submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  for further examination. It is carried out by the  special  Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, including, among others, young scientists. The expertise will last until October 11.      

The evaluation of each project will be carried out by 5 experts. The total number of points will be calculated as the arithmetic average of the estimates from three experts in the range between the lowest and the highest. That is, the highest and lowest ratings are not taken into account. This should ensure a more qualitative and objective examination.

Based on experts' findings, the Competition Commission of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine  has to determine the winners  until December 2. The implementation of these projects will begin in 2020. 

The competition was initiated  and   conducted with the help of   the organizational and methodological support of the Young Scientists  Council  at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.