Inspiration for students in Lutsk NTU

                   Inspiration  for students  in Lutsk NTU


The celebration  of  the  53rd anniversary of  Lutsk National Technical University  took  place on the territory of the main building of the University. A vivid presentation and grand opening of the symbolic sculpture  of  the  Student-Cube  has become an interesting "feature" within the framework of the celebration.

As noted by the master of the  ceremony,  the sculpture dedicated to the student’s life,  has the form of a cube and it is not accidental.  The cube is a symbol of the victory of the human spirit over the rough matter. Scrolling hundreds of combinations, a person wants to get the absolute truth, he/she hopes to achieve  the result and constantly strives for perfection. Without haste, collecting such small cubes into a single whole, the student forms  oneself  as an adult well-educated personality. From a small child, he/she becomes a confident master of his/her business, gaining experience, tempering oneself, filled with human virtues, constantly striving to go the path of success and reach new heights. 

Consequently, the Rector of  Lutsk National Technical University, Petro Savchuk, was invited to give a greeting speech: "First of all, I congratulate all of us. Though 53 is not a round  number, it does not matter at all, because each of our years is famous for new achievements and  accomplishments. This is shown  in the rating "TOP 200 Ukraine 2019". Of course, all our efforts have the same goal - to prepare successful competitive young people and give them the necessary base for further development.

Student is always in our priority, so I would like  to present to you the student’s  symbol - a true work of art, a work of engineering thought ... In a word, a symbol that will carry the mission of a student inspiration to new scientific accomplishments, research and work. "

It should be stated  that  a representative of the regional authorities, the  acting Head of Volyn Regional State Administration O. Kyrychuk  visited  the ceremony at  Lutsk National Technical University as well. He congratulated  the University  on such a respectable date  and  awarded the Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work and infrastructure development A.  Shcherba for a significant contribution to the development of the University.

So, after all the speeches and congratulations, the Rector of the University together with the official   O.  Kyrychuk symbolically cut the ribbon and presented to the public the greatest intrigue of the holiday - the sculpture of the student's symbol.

It should be noted that a new tradition was established   after the opening ceremony  of   the cube at the University - if you rub the  diploma on  the cube-sculpture, it  will  bring  you good luck and examinations will certainly not be a problem. 

Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University