International Conference at Lutsk National Technical University on topical issues of marketing management

International Conference at Lutsk National Technical University  on   topical issues of marketing management             


             The Faculty of Business of Lutsk National Technical University hosted the VI International Scientific and Practical Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Actual Problems of Marketing Management in Conditions of Innovative Economic Development".

Valentyna  Morohova,  the Head of the Marketing Department of  Lutsk NTU, addressed the conference participants: "We have invited  the best students who are patriots of marketing, who are capable of doing something in marketing. This event  united  both scientists and practitioners, and attracting students to scientific work is one of the priorities of our University. Conference  is a good opportunity to share achievements, discuss marketing issues. Foreign institutions of higher education joined the organization of our event, materials from practically all regions of Ukraine were received, so I would like to wish all the participants of the conference fruitful work and new achievements. "     

Subsequently, the Vice-Rector on the scientific and pedagogical work,  Sergii  Shymchuk had the floor. He  noted  that the problems of marketing management are very relevant at present.

Later the  Dean of the Faculty of Business Nadiia Khvyshchun  greeted the participants of the  conference  and  wished everyone an interesting and productive time with a desire for development and self-improvement. "

           Among the participants of the conference were well-known marketers, experts in SMM-promotion and managers of Internet shops. They shared the experience of marketing strategy at the enterprises, the advantages of using Internet resources and social networks for the promotion of goods and services, as well as promotional moves to promote the company.

           So, a specialist in partisan marketing of advertising agency PaRtyzan Mykola Zhychuk told about branding and brand. He gave examples of a successful marketing campaign in the world, in Ukraine, in particular in Lutsk.  

           So, the speaker told about the creation of markets, the development of brands, the evolution of logos, etc. He  shared the latest trends in the world of marketing and gave some effective tips to make the brand popular and in demand.

          Therefore, Anton Kondratenko, the Head of the online store of  "Nash Krai" network, made a presentation. He told about Omni-channel in retail as a new trend of client service. Instead, SMM-specialist Iryna Haranchevska shared the main components of promoting business in social networks. She paid special attention to the popular Instagram network and described how to effectively use it to make her business successful and profitable. "Social networks are important not only for business and commerce, but also for the personal brand, public organizations, promotion of certain events, etc. The SMM specialist is not just a person who pours a photo or posts, it is a person who can use tools for promoting business or his/her own brand on social networks, "said the speaker.


It should be noted that the conference consisted of 4 thematic areas:

1.Theory  and practice of  marketing management of enterprises.

2.Practical realization of the principles of marketing management at the international and regional levels.

3.Organizational, personnel, financial-accounting, logistics and information provision of marketing activities of enterprises.

4. Innovative-managerial principles of enterprise development.

Upon completion of the official part of the conference students took part with their own reports during the work of the sections. They  talked about the effectiveness of personnel management, staffing provision of marketing activities, innovative approaches in marketing, digital marketing and tools of influence on the consumer  and so on.

          Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University