International conference "Quality and safety of goods" at Lutsk NTU

International conference "Quality and safety of goods"  at  Lutsk NTU


The Annual International Scientific and Practical Conference  of Young Scientists and Students "Quality and Safety of Goods" was held  at the Business Faculty  of Lutsk National Technical University.     

In addition to the student center, leading specialists in the industry, representatives of state structures and organizations also took part in the event.  18 Universities participated at the conference  from Ukraine and abroad as well as  Kovel College of Lutsk NTU,  College of Technologies , Business and Law of LUEEN University  and other research institutions participated in the conference. 

 First of all, Associate Professor of the Department of Commodity Science and Customs Affairs Valentyna Tkachuk congratulated the participants and guests of the conference.

 After the Deputy Dean of the Business Faculty  Yurii Fesina noted that the topics of the conference are very relevant, especially in the context of modern consumer demands.

On the contrary, the Head of the Department of Commodity Science and Customs Affairs Olena Pakholiuk  noted that the main feature of the conference is the maximum coverage of the most important issues of commodity science and the exchange of experience.

In the main part of the scientific and practical conference Oleg Pododvornyi, the Director of  Volyn Scientific-Research Experimental Forensic Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukraine in Volyn had the floor. He spoke about the peculiarities of work in the structure, the main tasks performed by specialists and the problems that may be encountered by employees in the course of work.

Therefore, the first deputy head of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in  Volyn Olexandr  

Pakholiuk informed about the changes made in the procedure for issuing an Ukrainian  passport  and a foreign  passport, the introduction of biometric documents. He also spoke about the tasks and functions of the Customs Office in Ukraine,  migration policy, and so on. In  turn, Anastasia Lototska, a graduate of  Lutsk NTU, and now the customs clearance agent of the company “ Pride Service, Anastasia Lototska, told about the work of the customs, the customs border and the peculiarities of its crossing, about the problems of smuggling in international trade. 

Ivanna Sydoruk, a master's degree  holder  specializing in entrepreneurship, trade and stock exchanges, began the baton of students’ reports, which presented her own research on the topic "Assessment of the quality of jewelry articles of religious content".

It should be noted that the conference consisted of six thematic areas, in particular:

- study of goods quality;

- actual problems of product safety;       

- probles of technical regulation in Ukraine and in the world;

- infrastructure development of trade;

- innovative technologies of production and trends of the  goods range;

-limit regulation of export-import operations with goods.

Finally, the participants of the conference received diplomas and certificates. Thus, the diploma of the 1st degree was given  to Mariana Gul, Educational  program "Commodity and trade entrepreneurship" (supervisor V. Tkachuk), the diploma of  the  IInd  degree - Taras Nikitin, Educational  program "Enterprise Economics" ( supervisor  O. Rechun) and Anna Saviievska, Educational   program "Commodity and trade entrepreneurship" ( supervisor O. Pakholiuk), ІІІ place - Ivanna Sydoruk, Educational  program "Commodity study and examination in customs" ( supervisor O.Peredrii ), Victor Bakun,  Educational  program "Commodity study and examination in customs" (supervisor O.Pakholiuk).

 Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University