Language clubs in Lutsk NTU: American Fulbright participant will instruct teachers and students

        The  meeting was held with the "Fulbright Scholarship" Program Participant - Sherylin Harrington   September 11, in the framework of  Lutsk National Technical   University.

        In particular, Sherylin is an American Fulbright participant  (San Francisco) who, while staying in Lutsk, will explore the methodology of teaching English as a foreign language and will  assist teachers  in conducting extracurricular activities and English-speaking clubs.

        First of all, there was a working meeting between the rector of the University  Petro Savchuk and Sherylin Harrington. The head of the University  stressed that  Lutsk National University of Ukraine, albeit a young university, is  very progressive and ambitious. "I am pleased to see the development of  the cooperation with  the" Fulbright Academic Exchanges Program in Ukraine "and" Fulbright Scholarship ". The  discoverer of this program for the university was the head of the continuous education department -Olena Kovalchuk, who visited the United States earlier.

        Therefore, the representative of this program held the presentation for the University   workers.  Her arrival is the next step for the university, which will increase the horizons and opportunities for  the  teachers and students. Lutsk NTU is a young institution of higher education, but we are ambitious and have many possibilities   and options for developing cooperation with foreign institutions, including the USA. So, thank you for your visit and, in turn, I promise to maximally promote your initiatives,        - said the rector.

        Afterwards, Sherylin Harrington met with the university staff and  students, describing the activities she will be taking over for 9 months.

So, it is planned to open a language club, which will take place in the form of interactive games, and the  club to  develop writing skills. In addition, Fulbright is organizing scientific seminars for teachers of the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics. Note that Sherylin came with her colleague Johannes, who is a famous writer in the United States.           So, he will take an active part in conducting a club of literature and drama, after which   competitions on Shakespeare's readings    will take place.   A  member of the Fulbright Scholarship program will prepare Lutsk NTU education students for the English language  academic competition. A short schedule of clubs will be released soon on  Lutsk NTU website.

        It is important to add that one of the Fulbright Academic Exchanges in Ukraine Program - Fullbright Scholar Program -  conducting researches  at universities, and research institutes in the USA, which last  from three to nine months until October 16, 2018.   Candidates and doctors of sciences, cultural figures, librarians, journalists and lawyers, researchers without a degree with experience of at least five years, postgraduate students on the eve of the defense, who will receive a degree before the grant is awarded, can participate in the competition.