The Largest International Scientific Conference of the Year "DSMIE-2019" started in Lutsk

  The Largest International Scientific Conference of the Year "DSMIE-2019"  started  in Lutsk

The official opening of the II International Conference on Design, Simulation, Production: Innovation Exchange (DSMIE-2019), organized  by  Lutsk National Technical University and Sumy State University, was held in Lutsk in the premises of the coworking center "Passage Interdit" on June 12.

 The  representatives from all over Ukraine, as well as foreign guests from more than 20 countries of the world, came to the regional center of Volyn to take part in the scientific event. English was chosen as the official language of the conference, as scholars from the United States, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Georgia, Belgium, Portugal, Turkey, Iraq, China, etc. visited  the event.       

 The Associate Professor of Sumy State University Vitalii  Ivanov was the official curator of the conference. He was the first to officially congratulate the participants and guests on the opening of  the  conference.

      He explained that DSMIE-2019  was  focused  on a broad spectrum of researches in manufacturing engineering, mechanical engineering and chemical engineering, addressing current and future trends in project design approaches, simulation  technologies, automation systems, software development, IT tools and industry strategies 4.0 for solving engineering tasks. He also noted that DSMIE-2019 brought   together researchers from research institutions, leading industrial companies and government laboratories around the world to promote and disseminate scientific foundations of production, as well as to share experiences between academics, industry organizations and businesses around  the  world.

 The greetings and the words of gratitude to the presenters were delivered by the Rector of  Lutsk National Technical University Petro Savchuk: "Today Ukraine is positioning itself as one of the pro-European and progressive countries. But the main thing is that  the world community sees us as a promising partner. "

"Today's event  and   the number of its participants clearly demonstrate that the subject  of science, in particular material science, is extremely important both for industrial development and for technological progress in general. Thanks to new technologies the quality of people’s life is significantly improved, new opportunities and prospects are opened. We just have to support such process, because the world is developing dynamically and needs new discoveries.

I am extremely pleased that we have organized this conference   together  with Sumy State University and other colleagues and we will surely make it fruitful. I thank all our guests who came to Volyn and have an opportunity to get acquainted with our city and University. I hope that together we will do much for the good of science ", - added Petro Savchuk.

The Dean of the Faculty of Technology  (Lutsk NTU)  Oleg  Zabolotnyi gave a welcoming speech. He emphasized that the cooperation of Universities both in Ukraine and abroad  was  very important for the development of science and the exchange of scientific experience.

After the opening,  the conference  had   the main part. The speakers presented the results of the  researches and scientific  achievements.  They  demonstrated multimedia presentations and discussed important scientific issues.

Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University