Lutsk National Technical University Selected the Best Social Innovation Projects

Lutsk National Technical University Selected the Best Social Innovation Projects

Lutsk NTU hosted the final stage of a social innovation projects selection. So, the competition commission chose the most successfully presented projects of students and teachers out of 30 best ideas. Each project will be granted UAH 20 000.

It is worth recalling here that the Student Council of Lutsk NTU, its Rector Petro Savchuk, with the support of the British Council in Ukraine and NGO 'Youth Platform', have been holding a competition for supporting social innovation projects at Lutsk National Technical University and colleges. The total budget of the contest is UAH 200 000.

Thus, on May 5, a pitching presentation took place in Lutsk NTU. During the event it was announced that all ideas had to be submitted by 20 May 2018. They should be aimed at the development of education, leadership, culture, sport, intercultural dialogue, and social entrepreneurship in Lutsk NTU. Afterwards, the experts evaluated the initiatives. In conclusion, the project was to be presented to the Competition Commission, which could identify the winners.

Today, on May 26, the last presentation and defense of projects took place. Hence, teachers and even deans of faculties, students of Lutsk NTU and colleges joined the competition. All participants presented interesting and extraordinary ideas, and most importantly all of them were relevant and necessary for the educational process. A competition from the Faculty of Business for Youth 'From Smith to Jobs' was one of the project ideas. It involves the implementation of a social initiative in the united territorial community, as well as meetings of talented schoolchildren with leading entrepreneurs in the region, who will share their own experience of running business.

In addition, the Department of Basic Sciences proposes to improve the air quality in the premises of Lutsk NTU through ionization. According to the project authors, it will improve the activity of students and their immunity, prevent the development of diseases and early aging. Ionizers restore the balance of negative ions, and, thus, contribute to improving the efficiency of a person and his/her better state of health.

Representatives of the Lifelong Learning Centre initiate the establishment of a 'Vocational Development Workshop' at the university. According to the project authors, such a workshop will enable the exchange of experience among students and teachers. The youth will be able to meet with international scientists, learn more about scientific and educational programmes, become participants in thematic roundtables, or even read foreign literature in the original.

Active students also considered improving the educational process and offered to create an online video conferencing programme for the convenience of students in several education institutions at the same time. The social project was invented at the technical college of Lutsk NTU, whose authors want to arrange a Room for Psycho-Emotional Rest, that is, a kind of free-zone for orphaned students or young people from underprivileged families.

The Liubeshiv College students initiate to equip a special laboratory for confectionery chefs. They want to acquire professional skills with the help of a new kitchen equipment, develop and simultaneously hold interesting workshops for the guests of the institution. The future agro engineers ask to support their initiative to create a mini training ground to study soil cultivation. The authors say, this will enable them with practical training without leaving the university, and at the same on-site mastering of both the facilities and soil.

At the same time, students have expressed a desire to move away from the standard norms of study in the classrooms, and therefore offer to launch 'Solar Education'. The project involves arranging an improvised room outdoors with benches and desks. 'Everything is as simple as possible, but it will make life much easier for us,' says the author of the initiative.

The competition has collected a lot of interesting extraordinary youth ideas. Among them, the creation of a mural on the wall of the building A, which will be performed by a professional artist and all interested students, especially from the Faculty of Construction and Design. The youth also plan to create LNTU-square, a public garden divided into three zones: self-development zone with books, board games, piano; lounge area with sun loungers; and a green zone.

In addition, young people propose to set up maple alley for meeting university graduates, guests and students; to equip a photo studio of LNTU for photo and video shootings. In particular, promotional materials about the university for social or charitable purposes can be created there.

Among other ideas, the youth propose to create holographic 3D projections, navigating for international students, creative spaces, a vehicle test track, a coworking center, a brand book of a garment industry lab, and promotional products of the Lutsk National Technical University.

After having listened to the presentations of all the projects, members of the competition committee selected eleven best ones, and presented certificates to the project authors. So, the winners of the social innovation projects contest of Lutsk National Technical University were: LNTU-square project, 'Sunny learning', Coworking Center, Creative Space in the Sofia Kovalevska st., LNTU 17+, Room for Psycho-Emotional Rest, Parking Lot near Building B, Vehicle Test Track, Maple Avenue, a Unified Football Team, and Mural. However, due to technical reasons, mural can not be applied on the outer wall of an education building, which is why, with the consent of the project author, it can be painted inside the premises.

In addition, several projects at the university have been 'backed up' and are planned to be implemented in future at the expense of the higher education institution.

The members of the competition committee congratulated all the participants on the successful defense of the projects. The former emphasized that contensants were all the winners, because they were able to generate their own ideas, defend them adequately, and implement them in future.

'You are already the winners, you have reached the last stage and your project deserves to be funded as far as it has been facilitated and presented here.' Unfortunately, our budget is limited, so as the number of winners today.' Lutsk NTU took the responsibility to hold such a competition, in which students and teachers could work on the projects jointly for the first time,' - said Zakhar Tkachuk, the head of the NGO 'Youth Platform'.

'It is a great pleasure that a large number of people joined the participation, many of them from student self-government, because our goal was to unite students. In addition, it is extremely pleasing that there were also teachers among the contestants', - added the chairman of the Lutsk NTU Student Council Iryna Haranchevska.

In his turn, the vice-rector for scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk NTU Valentyna Halushchak appealed to those participants who did not receive the certificates today and wished them to believe in themselves: 'I truly wish you not to lose inspiration. Without certificates today, you will be given even better opportunities in future.' Do not lose faith, develop and grow.'

In the end, the rector of the Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk thanked the participants of the competition and the members of the competition committee. He emphasized that such initiatives give all the possibilities for higher education institution to become even more powerful: 'I thank all of you, all the projects were awsome, and presented on a professional level. I am sure that we will hold such contests in future. We support these initiatives, because they give a brilliant result. I was very pleased with what I had witnessed today. Now I am sure that we have a chance to become even mightier and better with the great people who would help us to achieve it.

It should be noted that by 30 November 2018, the selected projects will have been implemented.

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Ilona Karpiuk, the Information Department of Lutsk NTU

Anna Verbytska, the International Relations Office (translation)