Lutsk NTU agreed the terms of cooperation with Lublin Catholic University

 Lutsk   NTU  agreed  the  terms of cooperation with  Lublin Catholic University

Guests from Poland  visited  Lutsk National Technical  University.  So, the  Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk, the  Vice-rector on scientific and pedagogical work Valentyna Galushchak, the Professor of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department Olena Kovalchuk and the Project Manager  Alla Shymanska  met with the representatives of  John  Paul  II Catholic  University of Lublin.

The  purpose of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of the project "Cooperation of Universities to support the development of security and crisis management of  Lublin and Lutsk transborder regions".  It is important to note   that   Lutsk  NTU won the participation in this project within the framework of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2014-2020.   

So, the participants discussed the conditions for cooperation between Universities and the peculiarities of the educational process, as the program envisages parallel training in two higher education institutions, and at the end  a student will receive a diploma not only of the Ukrainian but also the international standard.       

"We must  clearly define  what  the conditions for students to enter this form of education  are, what educational  programs are  necessary to set up, which disciplines will be studied. We should develop a clear strategy of cooperation  in order to start the process of recruiting students in  May   or   June, "said Olena Kovalchuk.    

During  the discussions   the participants took further steps on cooperation  and  the conditions for registration of students. They decided on trainings, conferences and seminars, which would be held in the format of free hearings. As a result, the members of the project-team agreed on training in such specialties as: materials engineering, ecology and environment protection, design in architecture, international economic relations, management, economics, cybersecurity and tourism. The participants  determined that the study program at  Polish University  would last  three semesters (5 months): the first -  learning the Polish language and the selected subjects from the curriculum; the second and the  third - the actual training and preparation of the  diploma paper.

Thus, the Professor  of  Lublin Catholic University Wojciech Giżicki offered for  applicants a waiver of payment for tuition (in the form of  rector’s scholarship ), the possibility of up-financing for accommodation in a dormitory and a meal, a free preparatory course of the Polish language.

In general, the meeting was very constructive and fruitful for both universities. "Such cooperation  expands our capabilities at the international level. It is an exchange of experience, practices, knowledge, scientific achievements, teaching methods. Through such projects, we have the opportunity to be aware of the advanced ideas of the European Union and  bring our education closer to the European level. I really believe that very soon we will be really in the trend of world education! "- summed up  Valentyna Galushchak.

Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University