Lutsk NTU - among the organizers of the XIV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Economists


Lutsk NTU - among the organizers of the XIV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Economists

The winners of the XIV All-Ukrainian Tournament of Young Economists have been awarded in Lutsk. Gifted students from different regions of Ukraine gathered to the regional center of Volyn to compete for the championship in economics. In total, 16 teams participated in the competition, and only 4 teams were able to reach the final: from Lutsk, Ivano-Frankivsk and two from Kharkiv.

Final test and rewarding of winners took place in Lutsk SEC №9.

It should be noted that  Lutsk NTU took a direct part in organizing the tournament and evaluating young economists. Thus, the Rector of  Lutsk National Technical University, Petro Savchuk, was appointed as a Deputy Chairman of the organizing committee, and the Head of the Management  Department  of  Lutsk NTU Natalia Vavdiiuk headed the jury. In addition to the Business Faculty of Lutsk NTU, the partners  of the tournament are the Northwest Regional Office of PrivatBank, PP Construction Company Investor and SEC №9.

"We are glad to welcome everyone who loves creativity, scientific research and polemics, those who love the economy and who teaches with love. We congratulate all participants who are inspired by team spirit, and scientific discussion seeks for knowledge," the leaders said, starting the solemn part the final stage of the tournament.

During the tournament, the contestants had to solve complex scientific problems, convincingly arguing their decisions and protecting them in scientific polemics. In addition to knowledge of economics, the participants needed to demonstrate the talent of the speaker, artistic talent, imagination, peculiarity, persistence and creativity.

The ceremonial part of the tournament was attended by Yurii Voitenko, Director of the Northwestern Regional Office of PrivatBank, Deputy Head of the Department of  Education, Science and Youth Volyn Regional State Administration Tetiana Solomina and the Rector of  Volyn Institute of Postgraduate Education Petro Oleshko.

"We have been waiting for a long time when your battles will end, they are sympathetic to win the strongest, and believe that the power of science and the power of reason must always be the first, decisive in your life. You are a member of a large team of students who want to be the first to be supported by your mentors and confirmed by your knowledge. We want to wish that faith in tomorrow will surely bring our country success,  where your place will be decisive, "said Tetiana Solomina. 

"At the end of the qualifying phase, passions and emotions are slowing down and I want to say that all the participants in this intellectual tournament are the winners. This is a victory over ourselves, because 1/10 of talent is a success, and the rest is solidarity, hard work, willpower ... I hope a new generation of bankers, economists, financiers, who are in this hall, will bring not only skill in this field, professionalism, innovation, but also honesty. I hope that this intellectual tournament will be a notable step in your life, and this path will be bright for you ", - added Petro Oleshko.

Finally, the head of the Management Department of  Lutsk NTU Natalia Vavdiiuk, who handed  the cups to the best teams of the tournament, made a salutatory speech:

"It was scary at the beginning of the tournament, because there were many people, thoughts, ideas, we thought we could establish communication between teams and leaders. Today we see that the best teams have won the championship. We congratulate the winners, thank the managers, for their work, for improving themselves, as an example for students. Many thanks to our sponsors, because without you, we would never have been able to increase the investment  in our kids. We see how well the youth work, how they get points. Estimates were different, but their total made  individual teams the leaders. You are the basis of the scientific upsing of the present and the future, and we want to hand the cups to the teams that have been the best. "  

So, the championship in the intellectual tournament has  been won by the team of Lutsk Mikhailo Kravchuk " gymnasium №21 Vista". In addition, all participants of the competition received certificates and valuable gifts. 


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University