Lutsk NTU began to repair the roof of the main building

            Lutsk   NTU  began to repair the roof of the main building      


Lutsk National Technical University began repair works  on the roof of the main building.

According to Andrii  Shcherba, the Vice-Rector for scientific and pedagogical work and infrastructure development,  the   roof has  significant gaps and lets  moisture  get inside even for minor rainfall. Therefore,  it  was an urgent issue of its repair. Moreover, the flaws could lead to injuries and even accidents.

In addition,  it  is planned to insulate the fa?ade  of  the University  building, so the replacement of the roof  through the floor metal profile  is an integral part of the repair work.

At the same time  during repair, the processing of wooden structures with a fire retardant solution will be carried out. It  is a prerequisite for execution, as follows from  one of the clauses of the  regulations of the Emergency Department  in  Volyn region. In general, it is planned to   finish the repair works   till   September 1.

It is worth noting that  during  the repair of the roof  workers use modern methods that will ensure its significant longevity.

Information department of Lutsk NTU