Lutsk NTU as a co-organizer of the training at Lublin Catholic University

Lutsk NTU  as  a co-organizer of   the training at  Lublin Catholic University

        On May 11 and 12, on the basis  of  Lublin  Catholic University ,  Poland, trainings were held for the representatives of Volyn Customs Office and Lutsk Frontier Detachment.

The co-organizer  of the training   was  Lutsk National Technical University. Experienced Polish psychologists conducted classes for three groups of participants in order to unite the team, strengthen the team spirit and establish stress resistance. 

During the trainings  the  participants  were able to get acquainted with the basics of time management, learned to create  the psychological image of their colleagues and, during the role games they  formed the ability to solve specific situations.

In general, two days of intensive study took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere.


Olena Kovalchuk, the  project manager

"University Collaboration to Support  Development of Security and Crisis Management  in Lublin and Lutsk Transboundary Regions »