Lutsk NTU continues entrance exams for school leavers

Lutsk NTU continues     entrance    exams     for   school leavers

 Lutsk NTU continues to invite young, talented and creative students to study at the University. Nowadays   young people prove their skills and demonstrate the knowledge  during  admission exams  for  the  Master’s programme.  

So, hundreds of boys and girls, who want to continue their education at  Lutsk NTU, take part in consultations and entrance  tests for obtaining the academic degree of "Master" in full-time and part-time  modes  of study. A separate schedule is also created for young people who enroll in the first year with a shorter term on the basis of the acquired junior specialist of  full-time  and correspondence modes  of  study.

In addition to economic, computer and construction specialties, entrance    exams    also took place at the Department of Physical Education, Sports and Health. This year  the Head of the Department Serhii  Savchuk  says, for the first time there is an enrolment  for a shorter term of training of freshmen - graduates of colleges in the specialty "Secondary education" (Physical  education).

Among the participants of the entrance tests, there are  graduates  from various colleges  all over Ukraine. All of them have  good theoretical and physical training, in particular, there are three Masters of Sports in swimming and weightlifting, five girls  are volleyball players.

"We want to see them all at our University, because they  are quite good athletes. So, we expect good qualified students and, in future, qualified specialists, "adds the Head of the Department.

Also,  Rector of Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk notes that young people are eager to study, and this  is noticeable from their  mood during the entrance exams. They are confident in their abilities, although they have some excitement. At the same time  the  professorial  staff of the University is happy to meet talented and creative students  and rejoices  at   their achievements.

"The variety of prestigious specialties at our University provides many opportunities for students to  fulfil  themselves and in the future to become competitive, showing their level of acquired knowledge. I am confident that young people will prove themselves worthily in entrance  tests, they will be persistent, and therefore I wish them success, maximum  fulfilment, because everything is in their hands ", - adds the Rector.

It should be noted that  entrance  exams  on different specialties will continue in Lutsk NTU until August 2.

Information Department of Lutsk NTU