Lutsk NTU created a modern laboratory of electronics and telecommunications


Lutsk   NTU   created a modern laboratory of electronics and telecommunications 




 A  newly established laboratory has been  opened  to broaden  students' learning opportunities and allow them to obtain both theoretical  and practical  knowledge  simultaneously   on the basis of the department of electronics and telecommunications   of  Lutsk NTU.

According to the Head of the Department Valentyn   Zablotskyi,  a specialized lab of electronics and telecommunications is divided into two zones. The demonstration part of the laboratory is aimed at allowing students to sit  comfortably on armchairs, which can be easily reversed or rearranged  to write down   the material. The  same  area  of  ??the  lab  is equipped  with a projector and a screen for presentations.

Most of the room  is designed to provide practical knowledge. Therefore, it contains appropriate equipment, modern installations and specialized stands.

"The first practical skills that students will receive here are, of course, the foundations of soldering, assembling  and disassembling  of electronic equipment. The  staff  of the department developed specialized stands   which allow to provide a stable supply for electronic equipment with different voltages and currents that  their separate components  require, "said Valentyn Zablotskyi.

The Head of the Department adds that the  lab – room  also has forced exhaust ventilation equipment, which allows the extraction of supports  that are formed during the installation or dismantling of electronic soldering, as well as the air conditioner for comfortable staying. In addition, with the support of the Department of Applied Mechanics, an installation was developed that allows engraving on boards and generates a variety of drawings, for example, on plywood. All products are created using computer technology.     

Therefore, the laboratory will carry out  the  work on the design of electronic equipment and printed circuit boards. The department plans to equip a specialized office with computer equipment and 3D printer, which will allow to manufacture non-electronic, but also very important building elements and to create finished products that can be exploited and used in everyday life.     

"The laboratory was renewed by the efforts of our department, and certainly not without the support of the University, because without the help we could not realize our intentions," adds  V. Zablotskyi.

After  Petro Savchuk, Rector of Lutsk NTU, visited the newly created laboratory. He thanked the staff of the department and its head for fruitful work and qualitative results. He  wished  the department staff the effective use of the material and technical base of the University  for better training of specialists.

It should be noted that the opening of the specialized laboratory is timed to mark the 53rd anniversary of  Lutsk NTU  foundation.


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University