Lutsk NTU got 52nd place in the rating "TOP 200 Ukraine 2019"

Lutsk NTU got  52nd  place in the rating "TOP 200 Ukraine 2019"

 The Center for International Projects "Euroeducation" (, in partnership with the international expert group IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence (, presents an academic rating of higher education institutions of Ukraine ( III, IV levels of accreditation ) "Top 200 Ukraine 2019".            

In compiling this year's ranking, the experts took into account the current trends in the development of Universities, developed by the International Conference IREG 2019 "Academic Rankings: Challenges and Problems  for Higher Education", which was held at the oldest University in Europe - the University of Bologna (Alma Mater Studiorum Universita di Bologna) May 8-10, 2019.

The methodology of the project "Top 200 Ukraine", created in accordance with  Berlin Principles  of University Ranking, is based on the use of  public  data of direct measurements (total weight - 85%),  opinions of experts in the field of higher education and main labor markets of Ukraine (total weight  - 15% ) In accordance with this methodology, the activity of the  University  is estimated using the integrated index -  Iz. This index contains three complex components: Iz = Isp (40%) + Ie (25%) + Iir (20%), where Isp are the indices of the quality of scientific and pedagogical potential, Ie   is the index of the  quality of education, Iir is the index of international recognition.
      In total, 30 indicators of direct measurement were used to generate the indicated indices (personal data, information from Universities’ sites, data from international associations of Universities, data on the participation of  Universities in the  international projects (Horizont 2020, Erasmus +), information on University  participation in international rankings (Webometrics, Scopus, uniRank), data of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, UNESCO, data of the Committee on State Awards of Ukraine and T. Shevchenko Awards, participation of NGOs in projects funded by NATO within the framework of the Science for Peace and Security Program, participation of  the University  in bilateral projects, the average competitive grades of  the University’s  applicants and other public information).

Expert evaluation of scientific and pedagogical   potential  quality and quality of training with a total weight of 15% was carried out according to the following criteria: level of general educational preparation of students, level of professional training, level of practical knowledge of information technologies, demand of graduates of the University  on  labor market.

One of the main trends in this year's ranking of Universities was the finding of a balance between the creation of new, critical knowledge, the results of research and innovation, and the practical transformation of these developments into the development of modern society.

The processes of internationalization also relate to the dominant trends of modern higher education. There was an intensification of academic mobility, an increase in the number of OIEs, participants in joint programs with European Universities and Universities in China. But the total number of both students and Faculty members, who really participated in academic mobility, is still rather low compared to  the Universities in Europe.

According to experts who took part in the preparation of this year's Top 200 Ukraine 2019  the tendency of a large gap between the needs of Ukraine's labor markets and the results of Universities according to the model of modern knowledge, main competences and practical quality of specialists training remain practically unchanged.

Thus, according to the results of the research, Lutsk National Technical University ranked 52nd in the TOP-200 Ukraine 2019 ranking with the following indicators: assessment of the quality of scientific and pedagogical potential - 9.58; assessment of  quality of training - 8,41; an international recognition -3.40; estimation of integral activity indicator - 21,39.

Center of International Projects "Euroeducation”