Lutsk NTU held a brain-ring for students in English

Lutsk NTU held a brain-ring  for students in English 


Lutsk NTU held a brain-ring   devoted  to the Day of Philologist in  May 29. The organizers of the intellectual tournament  were  the Department of Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics and the Continuing Education Department. Interestingly, the event was held in English.

The game was supervised by the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics Department Olena Kovalchuk, and a senior  specialist of the Continuing Education Department Tamara Maksymchuk. 

Participants of the brain-ring  were students of  Lutsk NTU from the group of applied linguistics. Two teams from this group   gave answers to the  questions related to  the events and facts of English and American culture, art, sports, cinema, music. The most active English  experts  received incentive prizes.

The results of the competition   were evaluated  by  the  competent jury, consisting of: the Head of the Ukrainian and Foreign Linguistics  Department   Oksana Smal, the peace corps volunteer Jason Maccraula   and   the    American  Fulbright researcher    Sherilyn Harrington.

         In the interval between the parts of the contest, the youth learnt  about interesting historical monuments and places in the United States  from the  presentation prepared by the American researcher Sherilyn Harrington.

Tamara Maksymchuk, Senior Specialist, Continuing Education Department