Lutsk NTU held a conference on material science on the Svitiaz river

Lutsk NTU held a conference on material science on the Svitiaz  river


The Department of Applied Mechanics of Lutsk National University of Science conducted the  VII International Scientific and Practical Conference "Theoretical and experimental research in modern technologies of materials science and engineering"   from May 20 till May 23 in 2019.

The main purpose of the conference is to focus on the problems of material science, the solution of which is connected with the challenges of the present.

The  Professor Victor Rud, the ideological mentor and the main organizer of the conference, made an introductory speech and announcement of the rules and regulations of the scientific meeting.

 Therefore, the  greetings and the main scientific achievements of our  University  were presented  by  the Vice-Rector of Lutsk NTU, Associate Professor Serhii Shymchuk.

The report of the Associate  Member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences, Mykhailo Stern, was extremely interesting. In his informative newsletter, he spoke about the history of the creation, the formation of this conference, the idea of ??the emergence and relevance of this event, the main organizers and moderators of a powerful scientific event – Valerii  Skorokhod and Victor Bozhydarnik.

During the conference special attention was paid to the technologies of manufacturing and research of operational properties of products using composite, ceramic, polymer and granulometric materials.

The participants  paid  the  considerable attention to the use of computer technologies in modeling  and research of structural and operational characteristics of materials in modern mechanical engineering.

The whole conference was held at a high organizational, intellectual, scientific, technical and spiritual levels! The staff of the Department of Applied Mechanics  expresses its sincere gratitude to all involved and responsible people for organizing, supporting and holding our VII scientific and technical conference.

Department of Applied Mechanics of Lutsk National Technical University