Lutsk NTU held a round table discussion "Environmental problems of Volyn"

Lutsk NTU held a round table discussion "Environmental problems of  Volyn"

The annual round table discussion  "Ecological problems of Volyn"  was  held at Lutsk National Technical University. The event was dedicated  to the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Ecology, Tourism and Electrical Engineering.

The conference started on March 22 and covered the following areas:

- pollution of the environment in the region: statistics, trends, forecasts;

- cooperation of state institutions, research and educational institutions, public organizations in solving environmental problems;

- transboundary impacts on the state of the environment and ensuring their monitoring;    

- agro-environmental problems of Volyn and scientific achievements in the field of soil protection;

-functioning of protected areas, biodiversity, protection of flora and fauna;

- energy safety of the environment: environmental aspects;

Resource saving and sustainable use of nature.

            The chairman of the organizing committee, the Vice-Rector on scientific and pedagogical work of Lutsk NTU Sergii Shymchuk and the members of the organizing committee: the Dean of  FETEE  Vladyslav Volynets and the Head of the Ecology and Agronimy  Department  of Lutsk NTU Vasyl Ivantsiv  took part in the event. 

The round table discussion curator  Vasyl Ivantsiv made a  congratulatory speech,  presented the participants and guests of the event and noted that the meeting had been taking place already a fifth time  in Lutsk NTU, and this year it was  devoted to the 20th anniversary of the Faculty of Ecology, Tourism and Electrical Engineering.  

Therefore, the Vice-Rector Sergii  Shymchuk officially opened the round table discussion. He stressed that such events are very relevant in the present day, because nature requires the preservation and resolution of a number of environmental problems, so it is very good that the like-minded people in this case can jointly approach the solution of environmental problems, including  Volyn.

At the same time,  the Dean of FETEE  Vladyslav Volynets noted that the thematic areas of the round table  discussion are very topical  and aimed at the practical solution of environmental problems.

The working part  of the plenary session began with a report by Igor Merlenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Ecology and Agronomy of Lutsk National Technical University. The scientist presented the research on the subject: "Strategic environmental assessment as one of the environmental steps towards European integration".

After  Iryna Kuzmishyna, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Botanics, a member of the All-University Program for the Study of the Nature of the Western Polissia EENU, described  Sydorukiv  Park as a new object of nature conservation fund of  Volyn region.

In turn, Volodymyr Pshebelskyi, the Deputy Director of  Volyn Regional  Ecological and Naturalistic Center, shared  the  presentation on " Raising the ecological consciousness, literacy and healthy  life of pupils and students in the context of implementing the concept of the" New Ukrainian School ". Then  Associate Professor, the Head of the Research Laboratory of Innovative Technologies and the Implementation of the Institute of Plant Nutrition, Maria Augustynovych made a speech on the topic: "Optimization of the seeds purification   process of  of the amino acidbiogenic preparation."

Tetiana Bortnik,  the scientist of  Polissia Research Station at  " O. Sokolovskyi Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry ", told about the "Features of obtaining landing material of tall bark".       

In addition, the round table discussion  participants had the opportunity to hear the Deputy Head of the Regional Water Resources Office in Volyn region Hennadii Mushko ("Reorganization of water resources management in our country"), the Deputy Head of the Department of Ecological Education and Recreation of  Kivetsi  National Park "Tsuman Pushcha" Juliia Grytsiuk ("Surface waters of  Kivertsi district: their condition and protection"), Associate Professor of the  Department of Ecology and Agronomy of Lutsk NTU Vitalina Fedoniuk ("For the World Meteorological Day: on the activity of the section of the Academy of Sciences" Climatology and Meteorology "in Lutsk NTU").

Young scientists, in particular, a  pupil of the 10th form of  Nesvich Secondary School of  I-III degrees, Andrii Pavlus, presented to the audience the "Investigation of the influence of meteorological indicators on the electromagnetic field of the atmosphere", and a student of  Lutsk NTU, Orest Moroz   told  about "Analysis of the garden- park art of Volyn ".

At the end of the round table  discussion the participants received  the  certificates.


Ilona Karpiuk, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University