Lutsk NTU held a round table discussion on the social development of the region

Lutsk  NTU held a round table discussion on the social development of the region

The staff of the Economics Department  and the Department of Humanities, Social Security and Law of  Lutsk National Technical University organized a scientific and practical round table discussion on the topic: "Social and economic, political and legal principles for raising the level of social development in the region".

The University invited  representatives of the authorities, structural divisions, and those who create a state social policy in our region, for example:  the director of  Volyn Regional Employment Center Roman Romaniuk, the Deputy Director of the Department, the Head of Strategic Planning, Marketing and Business Consulting Department of the Department of Economics and European Integration (Volyn Regional State Administration) Veronika Balbuza, the Head of the Department of Planning, Coordination and Monitoring of Statistical Activities ( Main Directorate of Statistics in Volyn region) Snizhana Kobys, the Director of  Lutsk City Employment Center Olena Shishova and others. Each of them had an opportunity to express the peculiarities and specifics of  the particular field of activity, to demonstrate presentations, to highlight achievements, and  discuss the problems in this area.

The topics for discussions during the meeting were the outline of the directions of scientific practical training  in social security, law and economics; modern challenges of social responsibility in the state; problems of employment of the present society: advantages and disadvantages of self-employment of individuals; statistical data on the level of social security of citizens in the region.

First of all, the Rector of  Lutsk NTU Petro Savchuk congratulated the participants of the round table talk. He emphasized the need for high-quality training of specialists in social, legal and economic areas and he emphasized that the university was making every effort to produce such specialists.

The curator of the event was the Head of the Department of Humanities, Social Security and Law, Oksana Zhuk. She was in charge of the process and she encouraged the  guests to participate  at the discussion.

          During the discussion the  participants of the round table talk clearly found that social development was  a process  where significant quantitative and qualitative changes in the social sphere of society took place, as well as clearly outlined  the directions of the state regulation in the field of social security and social, economic development of the regions.  And the heads of regional and city employment centers especially emphasized that the sphere of social development of the region urgently needed  professional workers, which were  the main drivers of positive changes regarding  the level of welfare in the  society.

By the way, the students of Lutsk National Technical University in  social security and law, as well as economics  were at the event. It was very motivational  for them  to hear about the demand on their future specialty and to communicate with practicing professionals in these areas.

Olena Tretiak, Information Department of Lutsk National Technical University